Cellardyke – In Memoriam – Losses to the Sea.

Cellardyke is a maritime community and has suffered the loss of many Dykers to the sea. The “real price of fish” is contained in the following pages.

We have decided to take an inclusive approach in our research. We have recorded the loss of workers who travelled from other parts of the British isles to crew Cellardyke boats,  We have also included individuals who died in sea related accidents in the separate list below, with their details noted in the chronological information pages. A story particular to Cellardyke concerned a tragedy in 1837 when the fishing boat “Johns”, carrying a picnic party, overturned heading into the May Island. This too is recorded.

Jessie Barnett Carries the wreath for the 2020 Ceremony

The are over 230 names on our lists, which will be incomplete. If you have additional names or correction of information, please email info@cellardyketrust.org so that we may strengthen the accuracy of this Cellardyke specific historical record

The Scottish Fisheries Museum hold lists of other East Neuk losses and the Memorial Room displays plaques, from all round the Scottish Coast, mounted at the request of relatives.

Genesis and White Wing at wreath laying ceremony 2022, the historic fleet and modern boats pay their respects

The Cellardyke Sea Queen annually lays a wreath at sea to commemorate all those lost, and to share our thoughts for those left behind.

The pipe lament for Fishermen lost to the Sea was composed by Richard Wemyss to commemorate the loss of the Bernicia SN199 in 1900. This is now played at the Sea Queen Ceremony and the Scottish Fisheries Musuem annual memorial service. It was also performed at the unveiling of the Pittenweem Memorial Statue

Click this link to listen – the-lament-for-fishermen-lost-to-the-sea

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