The Cellardyke Echo – 16/3/2016


A serious accident occurred in West Anstruther on Monday night, when George Fergusson, butcher, Cellardyke sustained severe bruises. He had been at the goods station removing a cattle beast in a float to Cellardyke, and in attempting to jump on to the vehicle he missed his hold and slipped between the horse’s heels and the float. The axle of the float crushed him when he fell to the ground, but fortunately the horse was stopped in time.


The Royal Humane society yesterday awarded a bronze medal to William Wilson, fisherman, Cellardyke, for his heroic action on February 11th whereby four lives were saved. Shortly after midnight the fishing boat ‘Triumph’, in attempting to enter Anstruther harbour, was driven on the rocks by a heavy sea running. The only hope of rescue was for someone to swim ashore with a line, and this Wilson volunteered to try and do. Clad in thick clothing and wearing heavy sea boots, he took a line, and plunging into the boiling surf succeeded, after a hard struggle, in reaching land. His four comrades being got to shore in safety.


Charles Christopher Gen, Toft Terrace Cellardyke, at Cupar today was tried on a charge of contravening the Anstruther Harbour Order by failing to remove his boat, The Roamer of North Shields, in Anstruther harbour on the order of David Davidson Harbour master.

David Davidson stated that Gen refused to take up his berth in the middle of the harbour.

Mr Maxwell, Solicitor –Are you aware the fishermen understand a boat cannot be ordered out of the harbour for a month?

Davidson – I don’t think they have a month’s grace.

Sherriff Hannay- Did you give an order to remove from the harbour?

Davidson – I told him to remove this boat from the top of the pier to the centre of the harbour but not to go out of the harbour.

Maxwell – are you aware every order has to be put in writing under the Harbour act

Davidson – I don’t know that

Maxwell – after Gen’s boat left the berth he had at first taken up , the steamship Eva came in and took the berth occupied by the Roamer. The Eva had come in to get repairs for the deep sea fishing.

Did the Roamer not come in for repairs?

Davidson – No

Maxwell said the Roamer was a Shields boat and it was not fair to give other boats a preference

James Jack (Carstairs) one of the crew of the Roamer, stated that the harbour master had asked Gen to tie up at the Pottie Pier

Maxwell, did the harbourmaster tell Gen to lie up in the middle of the harbour.

Jack – The harbourmaster said I do not know where to put you unless at the Pottie Pier.

The Sherriff came to the conclusion that he had no alternative but to convict. There was no evidence to support the suggestion that had been made that the order was given out of motives of local bias. The question was, had accused got a reasonable order from the harbourmaster, and did he disobey that order? He had come to the conclusion that he did. His lordship dismissed the accused with an admonition.


James Hutt, Fisherman , Chapman Innes, St Monans  and Elizabeth Davidson Hutt, Markinch, registered owners of the steam drifter Lizzie Hutt ML 122, sued John Watson, fisherman Cellardyke the owner of the Steam drifter Pride of Fife for £430 for services rendered on Sept 4th at Eyemouth in a Westerly gale.

The Pride it was contended was in danger of being wrecked on the Hettle Scar rocks. The Harbourmaster of Eyemouth said that Mr Davidson was a very well pleased man when he got safely in the harbour. The value of the vessel was about £2200.

The debate on the evidence was set for 25th Inst.


Kilrenny Parish War memorial, which has been erected on a commanding site on the town’s green, Cellardyke, overlooking the firth of Forth was unveiled on Sunday by Lieutenant Col T D Murray DSO

Previous to the unveiling a memorial service was held in Cellardyke Parish Church when an address was given by Prof Arch Main, Rev J Mc Naughton and Rev James Lee also took part in the service.

At the ceremony a Hymn was sung by Cellardyke Schoolchildren…


Board of Trade exams


Skippers ticket – William Muir 28 James Street, David Parker 19 West Forth Street, David Tawse, 63 George Street, Alex Thomson 24 George Street and James Watson, 9 Burnside Tce,

Second Hand – James Barclay 8 Fowler Street, David Gourlay 9 Dove Street, John Stewart 16 James Street, David Christie 26 Rodger Street, Thomas Corstorphine 41 John Street, Alex Doig 12 west Forth Street, Alex Gardner 20 James Street, David Henderson 51 James Street, Alex McCruvie 20 James Street.


The Cellardyke steam drifter Cromorna KY 73 had the highest shot of 35 crans, prices were from 18s to 24 s 6d per cran.


In the absence of their husbands at the fishing, Cellardyke women, accompanied in most cases by younger members of their family, paid tribute by their presence yesterday at the funeral to the late Rev G S Anderson, minister of the parish of Kilrenny for the last 47 years.

The remains were interred at Kilrenny with full Masonic honours. About 30 brethren and companions of Lodge St Ayle (No 95) of which the deceased was past master and Dreel castle Royal Arch Chapter preceded the coffin, Six brethren and companions representing the lodge and Chapter carried the coffin to the graveside where the masonic service was performed by Bro C H Maxwell RWM assisted by companion R Sime MEZ an Bro Rev JR Lee Chaplain of the lodge. The depositing of a sprig of heather by the brethren completed a most impressive service.

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