The Cellardyke Echo – 20/4/2016


During the stormy weather which raged in the North Sea on Saturday Morning, George Jack, Fisherman, a member of the crew of the Steam Drifter Breadwinner, fell overboard and was lost.

The occurrence was reported by the skipper on the arrival of the vessel at Anstruther on Saturday. The Breadwinner left North Shields for home on Friday Evening, and when approaching St Abbs head, about 12.30 am, very stormy weather was encountered. A heavy sea caught the vessel, and Jack, who was on deck, clutched a lifebuoy to save himself. Unfortunately the lifebuoy came away in his hand, and in the next plunge the drifter made Jack was thrown into the raging seas.

Endeavours by the skipper to locate the man was impossible owing to the darkness, and after cruising about the vicinity for a time the vessel was headed for home and arrived at Anstruther about 5 am.

Deceased, who was the eldest son of Mr and Mrs W. Jack (Doig), Burnside place, was 36 years of age and leaves a widow and three young children to mourn his loss.

Retiral on account of Ill health.

Member of the town council for 25 years and Provost of the Burgh for 22 years is the unique record of Provost Black, Cellardyke, who in a letter to Kilrenny Town council last night intimated his decision to retire from public service owing to ill health. For 15 years he was Chairman of Kilrenny School board and had been a member of the Parochial board. For thirty years he had been a member of Anstruther Harbour Commissioners. Truly a remarkable record of public service.


Useful, a motor fishing boat of Cellardyke sprang a leak and foundered off the May Island, the crew are safe.


The standard of work in arts and crafts has considerably advanced during the past few years was demonstrated at the exhibition of the East of Fife Arts and Crafts Committee which opened in the Erskine hall in Anstruther yesterday. The Exhibition was opened by Lady Victoria Wemyss.

In the class for crochet Mr Jas Parker, postman Union place, ran Mrs A.D. Mitchell, Lenakel, Cellardyke for first place.

Colinsburgh and rail took the honours for Lace exhibits, but Cellardyke carried everything worth having in the section for rugs made of old wool.

The oil paintings exhibited by Mr. James F Watson, fisherman, Cellardyke were much admired, especially the picture depicting boats in a swell, which brought him first prize. 1st prize for Shawls Mrs Moncrieff, Cellardyke. Jumpers, Miss E Anderson, Burnside Terrace.. models –  (amateur) 1. W.J. Grubb Cellardyke, 2. David Reid Joiner Anstruther. Toys – Miss L.M Elder Cellardyke, Brown Scone Miss Calder, Dunalican Cellardyke. Tablet, 2nd prize Miss Agnes Gourlay, 6 Dove Street.

Children’s Prizes

Toys 2nd place – Annie Laing Cellardyke, Black and White Drawing, Mary Murray class IIa Waid Academy.


The Fishing boat True Love left Anstruther Harbour for the west coast fishing last night. While off the Billowness, one of the crew Martin Tarvit fell overboard and narrowly escaped drowning. The man had been a minute or two in the water before he was missed, but when he was observed Skipper Anderson and one of the crew named Fleming at once plunged into the sea with a rope attached to them, and brought the man on board, not, however, before he was unconscious. The boat was immediately turned back to Anstruther, where Tarvit was medically attended.

The boat belongs to Pittenweem and Tarvit resides in Cellardyke.


Mr John Dick, Cellardyke is to be capped B.S.C.(science) at Glasgow University. He secured first class honours in mechanical engineering and first class honours in electrical engineering.


It is intended to form a branch of the National Party of Scotland in the Anstruther and Cellardyke area. A public meeting will be held with the view to forming a branch.


Provost Carstairs reported that the sanitary inspector had brought to his notice the fact that the back gardens of Fowler Street were flooded through the lack of drainage, the council remitted the question to the housing committee. Bailie Bett recommended that the sewer outfall at the foot of the Town Hall Wynd be extended by about 18 feet owning to the fact that the opening was covered by sand and gravel in its present condition. The council remitted the matter.


Public enquiry into Ring net fishing in the Firth of Forth

David Smith, of Cellardyke, skipper of the Violet Star, said, while the ring nets caught all sizes of herring, the drift net caught only mature herring. In his view it was not possible for drift and ring net fishing to be carried on together without causing damage. If it continued the result would be that the drift net fishing would be cleared out of the area. The Ring net boats only fished in fine weather, and the caused a glut on the market and prices came down.

Alexander Doig master of the motor boat Orion, stated that some of his anchor nets were damaged by ring netters in the bay at the East end of Cellardyke. He lost 18 nets and it would take £40 to replace them. There was no doubt, he said, that the damage was done by ring net fishermen who took off the buoys and allowed the nets to sink.

James Watson Skipper of the Gleanaway said he did not think it was possible to keep the drift and ring net boats separate within the proposed area.

David Wood, Cellardyke, Skipper of the Spanish castle, stated that if ring net fishing went on in the bye law area, it would finish the whole of the fishing in a few years’ time. Herring shoals would break up, and the winter herring fishing would be finished.


There were 87 tables at a whist drive held by the employees of John Martin & Co, Cellardyke, in Anstruther town hall in aid of Dundee Royal Infirmary…… In proposing votes of thanks, Provost Carstairs said that up to the end of last year the sum of £430 had been donated towards various institutions, and this year £100 had already been raised by employees.


Cellardyke Church Choir held a concert on Cellardyke town Hall/ The Choir sand Choruses. Contributors were Mrs Blair, Mrs Hosie. Mr W Reekie (St Monans), Miss Isa Cormack, Mr J B Tranwith. Mr Tom Wood, Miss Elizabeth Murray. Mr D Jack and Miss Agnes Carstairs


Announcement of the death of an Anstruther Town Councillor, Mr James Ure Laing, he had been a member of the council since 1932 and gave valuable service as convenor of the fire brigade committee and was also group air raid warden for the burgh. Until recently he carried on a shoe maker’s business in James Street, and had previously had a similar business in School rd. he is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters.


Mr Thomas Wood, 56 manor Ave, Aberdeen who has had several narrow escapes in the course of his seafaring career is now believed to have been lost at sea. On one occasion during the Great War his mother was notified he has lost his life. He was then serving in the RNR trawler section, and the ship on which he was supposed to be serving was lost with all hands. Mr Wood however had been given special leave before the ship sailed. He was on active service in the Navy for a time during the present war. A native of Cellardyke, he is survived by Mrs Wood and a family of 6.



At the Cottage Hospital St Andrews, Friday 17th April to Allison (nee Donaldson) wife of Staff Sergeant George R Gardner. 3 Roger Street Cellardyke – a son


A valedictory service was held last night by the congregation of Chalmers Memorial Church, in honour of Miss Euphemia Wilson, Cellardyke who is leaving this country to resume her work with the China Inland Mission, which was interrupted by the war.

Miss Wilson will be returning to the mission field where her uncle died and where she herself started 11 years ago. In spite of two wars – the civil war with the Communists and the struggle against japan. Miss Wilson carried on her mission work until she was forced to flee. Relief finally came 18 months ago, and she came home in furlough.


For sale

Van 8.hp, 3 wheeler for sale, as new registered Dec 31 1950. 1100 miles only. Macleod, baker, Cellardyke


Anstruther Town Council yesterday were faced with a tricky decision – the name to be placed on the notice board for motorists entering the town. Mr CC Henderson, burgh surveyor, said he favoured the coat of arms going on the board, but he wanted to know what name the council wanted on the board.

The official name of the burgh was ‘The United Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther Easter and Anstruther Wester,’ that would require a bill boarding.

It was finally decided to have three boards- one indicating Kilrenny, a second with an arrow pointing to Cellardyke and a third with Anstruther.

‘Make the letters large enough to be read’ was Provost Mitchell’s final instruction.

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