The Cellardyke Echo – 11/5/2016


Robert Watson, pleaded guilty to what appears to have been a neighbours quarrel, he, being under the influence of liquor, kicked the door, and broke one of the panes in the window of Alexander Wood, for which he was fined 10s 6d. Two young fishermen John Henderson and George Tawse, were accused of a breach of the peace by being noisy and quarrelsome in drink at an early hour on Sabbath 26th ult.


The crew of the Cellardyke Boat, Maggie Reid had an exciting adventure at sea. While the gale was raging like a whirlwind the big mast snapped by the deck. ‘God be praised’ might well rise on thankful lips for the escape of boat and crew, but the recovery of the spar was the one chance of regaining the land, It was anxiously watched by Skipper Henderson and his crew, till the storm was so far spent that they were able to hoist it on board. A carpenter and his tools were needed, but like the old fathers of Cellardyke, who when cast away on a desert island, built a boat from the wreck of their ship, and so escaped to a friendly port, the crew in this case, with no better implement than the steerage axe, so fashioned the broken mast to the step that they once again set sail to reach their own firesides on the Sabbath.    (The Maggie Reid, KY 1632, was about 50ft, Owned by Daniel Henderson who built my house in West Forth Street, she was named after his second wife. Daniel was lost in 1900 with the Bernicia.  Maggie, Margaret (Reid) was already the Widowed Mrs. Thomas Brown, her first husband was lost with the Great Line boat Helen along with her brother Thomas Reid and 6 other crew  10 May 1865, Her father was Thomas Reid, Fisherman and Maggie’s Mother was  Agnes Reid nee Birrell , Agnes Reid Birrell lost 2 husbands, two sons, two son in laws, two brothers and two brother in laws and numerous other relations to the sea)  


On Friday, Christina Paterson Danks, Schoolmistress, Cellardyke, committed suicide in a house in Nelson Place Stirling, by cutting her throat with a razor. It appears that the deceased had been suffering from nervous prostration and insomnia for some time, but nothing serious was anticipated. For the last week or two she resided at Stirling for the sake of the change of air, staying in the same house as her sweetheart. Miss Danks was 26 years of age and was a very amiable disposition. She had been appointed six years ago, having previously been in Cowdenbeath. She had been ailing for the last six weeks, and had to provide a substitute, She was always held in great respect by the members of the School board and the public, being a special favourite with the parents. Being Ill with spinal disease it is supposed she must have committed the rash deed in a temporary fit of insanity


Yesterday Chalmers memorial Church was opened for public worship ………… The Architect was Mr David Henry, who designed Waid Academy and Cellardyke Town hall.


Anstruther – Provost Anderson reported that Mr R Williamson, Cellardyke, had received the contract for laying the concrete on the new iron footbridge between the two burghs, the price was £18 10s.


 7th May,

Considerable anxiety is felt in Cellardyke and Pittenweem at the absence of ten deep sea fishing boats, which left for the fishing ground this week. A severe storm was encountered by the fleet about 200 miles from land, but all are accounted for but ten – five belonging to each port. Six steam liners which left Anstruther this morning took away extra provisions to give missing crews if successful in coming across them. There are seven men in each boat, and if no word is received by this evening, the fishery board is to be requisitioned to send a cruiser in search of them in the North Sea.

8th May

During yesterday four of them turned up, but up til 4 o clock our correspondent telegraphed that six boats were still missing

Two of the six missing Cellardyke and Pittenweem boats have arrived home safely, other two were spoken in the North Sea on Saturday riding at their lines, and nothing has been heard of one boat belonging to Pittenweem and another to Cellardyke.

9th may

The Smiling Morn of Cellardyke was reported from Aberdeen yesterday morning, while the Resolute, Betsy Hughes and Minniehaha  of Pittenweem , all arrived in the Firth in the course of the Day. The crew of the latter state that they saw the J.R.Welch, (Skipper, James Smith (Hamilton) working her gear on Sunday and she was expected at any moment. The Glengarry has not been seen since Saturday, but as she was lying at her lines there is no doubt felt that she will also put in an appearance shortly. As was anticipated, they had all held onto the great lines in order to save them, and the storms gave no chance to haul them till Sunday

(Late edition newspaper)

All the Cellardyke and Pittenweem fishing boats have now been accounted for the last two arriving in Anstruther late last night. The fishermen report very narrow escapes from the mountainous seas which swept over the boats, while others had almost exhausted their provisions and were living on Short allowances since Sunday


The Vine belonging Cellardyke arrived at North Shields this morning after undergoing rough experiences. The Crew gave a thrilling account of their adventures in the storm. It appears they had been carrying on Fishing operations since 13th . They were 85 miles from the Tyne bearing East by North from Tynemouth castle. The wind blew with great force from the North East. The crew were unable to save their Lines, and lost all but two of them. The boat’s head was turned for the land in hopes of reaching the Tyne. They managed however to get within half a mile of the mouth of the Harbour, but on account of the tremendous seas which were running it was found dangerous, and the boats head was accordingly put to seas. Upwards of 300 fathoms of rope and chain were put out to keep the boat’s head to sea. The Men state that the seas flooded the cabins and it was a miracle that none of them were washed overboard.

(By sheer coincidence The Vine KY 417 was owned and Skippered by the same Daniel Henderson,  It was the vessel that replaced his Maggie Reid  KY 1632 in which was then Skippered by his nephew Andrew. Andrew and his two sons were blown up by a mine when fishing off St Abbs in 1917)


The Partnership of Robert Watson and Andrew Mitchel trading as Robert Watson and Co. was dissolved.

A new Partnership trading under the same Company name was set up by Alexander Watson and Andrew Mitchell

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