The Cellardyke Echo – 9/02/2023 – Issue 375



An accident befell a Cellardyke man yesterday when working St Andrews Police Office. He is a joiner, Wilson, Williamson Street, Cellardyke, and employed by Messrs Melville & Thomson, joiners, St Andrews. He was fitting new sash cords the window the police office, when the steps on was standing gave way, and he was pitched forward. To save himself Wilson shot out his left arm, which went through a double pane of glass and was very badly gashed. First aid was immediately rendered by Inspector McPhee and P.C. Dewar. The ambulance was sent for. and Wilson was conveyed to St Andrews Cottage Hospital.



A party of East Fife men who were motoring to Dundee on Saturday were involved in an accident in St Andrews shortly after noon. The car in which they were travelling belonged to Mr Wm. Band, motor hirer, who was driving, and the accident took place at a dangerous corner during blinding snow storm. The car had passed along Abbey Street and was turning into South Street, when it was involved a collision with a motor lorry belonging to Messrs Paterson Bros., fruiterers. South Street, which was proceeding eastwards along South Street. The windscreens of both vehicles were damaged. In addition, the right wing of the lorry was badly smashed and damage was also done to the car. The lorry was driven by Mr J. Paterson, who was accompanied by Robert Cochrane, assistant fruiterer, residing at Union Street, St Andrews. Cochrane was badly cut about the neck and the right eyebrow, and was removed to St Andrews Cottage Hospital, where he was detained. There were five passengers in the car, three of whom had to be treated at St Andrews Cottage Hospital for minor facial injuries. They were Thomas Watson, 6 Rodger Street. Cellardyke, James Watson, 13 East Forth Street, Cellardyke; and John Watson, sen, 40 West Forth Street, Cellardyke. The remaining two passengers, who were unhurt, were Bailie Carstairs, Anstruther, and Mr Watson, Anstruther. The driver also escaped serious injury.

COLLAPSED WHILE WALKING Anstruther Man Dies by Roadside The death of Sergeant Downey, of Kilrenny, Anstruther, occurred with tragic suddenness yesterday afternoon. Accompanied by two friends, he was out walking. He was enjoying his usual good health when they set out, but he complained a little of the cold, and they decided to go into Innergellie Woods, adjoining the village, where shelter could be obtained. While they were proceeding Sergeant Downey dropped down suddenly. Medical Aid. Medical assistance was summoned, but upon the arrival of Dr David Wilson, Anstruther, life was found to be extinct. Death was caused by a heart seizure. Sergeant Downey was in charge of the volunteers in Anstruther, and for a long period was member of the Parish Council of Kilrenny. Prior to the amalgamation of that parish with Anstruther, he was chairman of the Council. Before his retirement he owned a successful business as a spirit merchant in Cellardyke.

S.O.S. TO CELLARDYKE SEAMAN, Daughter Seriously Ill

An “S.O.S” to inform a Cellardyke seaman, at present sea, that his daughter is seriously ill was broadcast last night. The message was as follows: —Will any ship in the vicinity of the steam drifter Agnes Gardner (K.Y. 185), now  near Stornoway, please inform George Tarbet, seaman on board the Agnes Gardner, that his daughter, Catherine Tarbet, is lying seriously ill at 24 George Street, Cellardyke.

WIRELESS CALL TO SEAMAN Cellardyke Man’s Rush to Sick Child Mr George Tarbet, 24 George Street, Cellardyke, for whom an appeal was broadcast last night, arrived home in Cellardyke this morning. Mr Tarbet is a seaman on board the Anstruther drifter Agnes Gardner, which is operating in Stornoway waters just now, and owing to the serious illness of Mr Gardner’s 19-months-old daughter an appeal was sent out for him to return home at once. He received the message in Aberdeen last night, and reached Fife this morning. His daughter is reported to be slightly better.

The Agnes Gardner KY185


MORE HOUSES FOR CELLARDYKE Anstruther Council Approves The monthly meeting of Anstruther Town Council was held in Anstruther Town Hull. Provost Readdie presiding: Bailie Cook, convener of the Housing Committee. said the committee recommended Blyth’s Park, Fowler Street, Cellardyke, for the purpose of a housing site. They would be able to get all the twelve houses in the park, building three blocks of four houses each, specially fitted for fishermen on the top floor. There would also be two blocks of cottages at the corner consisting of living-room and scullery on the ground floor, and two bedrooms and a bathroom the second floor. These were not the bungalow type. The council approved of the scheme.


RUNAWAY HORSE AT ANSTRUTHER An alarming runaway took place at Anstruther yesterday, when horse belonging to John Bonthron & Son, fish salesmen, took fright and bolted. The lorry was at the goods station and the horse took fright when an engine whistled. It bolted along the Station Road to High Street, West Anstruther, where it collided with a horse lorry coming westwards, belonging to John Myles, contractor, Cellardyke. The runaway horse was slightly injured, but the lorry was considerably damaged.

Frauds on Fife Landladies. — John Young, alias David Wilson, a farm servant of no fixed abode, was fined £2. or fourteen days, by Don. Sheriff Honeyman at Cupar on Monday for obtaining way the board and lodgings without paying for them. The charges against him were that (1), between 27th January and 5th February, within the house at Wingfield, Crail occupied by Percy Walter Keeble, chauffeur, he obtained board and lodgings to the value of 20/- from Grace Mortimer or Keeble, without paying or intending to pay. (2), between 3rd and 12th February, within the house at 43 John Street, Cellardyke, occupied by Frances and Joannie Leslie, spinsters, obtained from them board and lodgings to the value of £1 10/- without paying or intending to pay. He pleaded guilty, and said he had a job but not much pay. If  he had a steady job the people would get their money because he intended to pay. The Depute Fiscal, Mr P. J. McPherson, said the accused had said he was in a steady job whereas it was only temporary. That was the reason the people undertook to provide board and lodgings. Hon. Sheriff Honeyman refused time in which  to pay the fine.

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