The Cellardyke Echo – 9/3/2023 – Issue 379


MAJOR ANSTRUTHER-GRAY AT THE COAST. Major Anstruther-Gray and Mrs Anstruther-Gray visited Anstruther and Cellardyke on Saturday forenoon. As this was the Major’s first visit to the fishermen since the election, he met with a hearty reception, particularly at Cellardyke, where men, women, and children turned out masse to welcome him. Major Anstruther- Gray and Mrs Anstruther-Gray, who seemed to appreciate the reception accorded them, spent a few hours conversing with the electors and their lady friends.


On Tuesday afternoon, a rather serious accident occurred on the middle pier. Mr George Melville, Cellardyke, was standing near the edge of the pier, when one of the ropes attached to the paul slipped off the notch, and struck Mr Melville across the legs, knocking him over. In his fall his head came in violent contact with the causeway, rendering him unconscious. He was carried into the harbourmaster’s hut, and first aid rendered until the arrival of Dr Wilson. He gradually came round, and was conveyed home to Croma in a cab. He had further relapses into unconsciousness, but is now on the road to recovery.

Harbour Commission. The treasurer submitted a case in dispute between himself and Mr Martin Gardner, junior. On the 17th February. the latter came into the harbour. but refused to pay dues, the excuse given to the Treasurer being that he had no herrings. He also entered the harbour on the 21st February, but had never reported himself. Mr Bonthron said he understood that Martin had shot his nets, but, on account of bad weather. was forced to run for the harbour without having time to haul his nets. The Treasurer—If that is so, there is no charge. Provost Black—But you say his reason was that he had no herrings. Leave the matter to the Chairman and Mr Bonthron to make enquiry. This was agreed to.

AN EXTRA LAID-UP BIRTH. A letter was read from Alexander Smith, Cellardyke, in regard to the payment of the laid-up composition for his boat the Utility, M.L. 92. The boat has been laid up since the end of the drove. He offered the Treasurer the £4 composition rate, but he said he was not authorised to accept it. There was plenty of room, and the harbourmaster said his boat could lie up in one of the tiers of laid up boats. If the Commission did not accept the composition rate, he would be liable to £9, which he was quite unable to pay.


Three Personal Estates.—Among the 61 inventories of personal estates lodged with the Sheriff Clerk at Cupar daring February, were the following :—Robert Williamson, plasterer, Cellardyke, £4165 2d ; David Brown, fisherman, Cellardyke £1486 2s 3d, and John Stewart, fisherman, Cellardyke, £1386 18s 2d.

OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT. Mrs WATSON begs to intimate to the inhabitants of Anstruther, Cellardyke, and district that she has added to her DRESSMAKING Business that of Millinery. The Millinery Department will be opened on SATURDAY First, showing a good selection of trimmed and untrimmed millinery, semi-trimmed hats, flowers, feathers, &c., also a good selection of children’s millinery at moderate prices. Mrs Watson begs to thank her customers for their patronage in the past, and hopes by strict attention to business to merit a share of public patronage. Note the Address 48 JAMES STREET, CELLARDYKE.


Men’s Own.—The usual meeting of the Men’s Own on Sunday was open to ladies, There was a large attendance. Anthems were tunefully rendered by the male choir, while Mr Peter Smith, Cellardyke, gave a sermonette in verse.

HERRINGS FROM STRANRAER. —On Friday a special train arrived from Stranraer with herrings, for Messrs T. Melville & Sons, Cellardyke. The herrings, which were large and of fine quality, were cured in Messrs Melville’s yard.

FIFE FISHERMEN CLAIM SALVAGE REMUNERATION. The record was closed in Cupar Sheriff Court yesterday, and proof fixed for March 14, in two actions raised by James Hutt, fisherman, St Monans, and others against John Watson, fisherman, Cellardyke, for £430 salvage remuneration for services rendered to the steam drifter Pride Fife, and Robert Davidson, fisherman, Cellardyke, for £70 for salvage on the fishing boat Guide Me. Both boats were in distress in Eyemouth Bay on September 9, and were towed safely to harbour by the pursuers’ boat, the Lizzie Hutt.


Is there Luck in Fishing? FISHERMAN SWEARS BY PERSEVERANCE. Insurance Act Test Case, (Special Edinburgh, Friday. Proof was continued before Lord Mackenzie in the Court of Session, Edinburgh, to-day in the test case to determine the position of share fishermen under the Insurance Act. Evidence was given men from Johnshaven and Cellardyke. Martin Gardiner, cross-examined by the Solicitor-General, did not believe in luck in fishing. Do you believe in the skill of the skipper? — I believe in perseverance and good gear— (laughter)—and also skill in knowing when shoot the nets.

BALINTORE—Superintendent of Tanks. — Mr A. Wood, fisherman, Hilton. has been appointed by Commander Munro. King’s Harbourmaster. Cromarty, superintendent of the naval water tanks at Invergordon. Mr Wood is a native of Cellardyke.

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