The Cellardyke Echo – 30/3/2023 – Issue 382


ROUP OF A FISHING BOAT.—On Saturday afternoon the deep sea fishing boat Mizpah of Cellardyke, K.Y. 2023, belonging to A. &J. Cunningham, was exposed for sale by public roup at the middle pier, in presence of a large number of fishermen and others. Mr Bonthron officiated as the auctioneer. The boat was first exposed at £220, but there being no offers at that sum the price was reduced to £210. when Messrs Andrew Pratt, jun., and David Smith, Cellardyke, became the purchasers at that amount. The boat is to be delivered to them on the 15th of September next. (The boat was built at St Monans 3 ½ years previously, It was unusual to sell a boat in advance of handover. Unfortunately in July of that same year 1885 while still in the ownership of  her original skipper she was struck some 500 yards out of Aberdeen harbour by the steamer St Ronald and sunk, I have no knowledge of the how the arrangement with the new owners was sorted)


EXTENSIVE FORGERY —At the Borough Petty Sessions (Uxbridge) on Thursday, March 18th, Alfred Ernest King, journeyman carpenter, of respectable appearance, was committed for trial at the Reading Assizes, on four separate charges of forging and uttering certain cheques knowing them to be forged. The prisoner, on the 22nd February presented a cheque for 10s. on the Clydesdale Bank, Anstruther, purporting to be drawn by W. E. Stewart, to M. G. Beagley, giving an order for materials for fencing at Sunningdale, which he said he was employed to erect by Mr. Steward. Mr. Beagley believed him, and gave him change by a cheque for £15 10s. The cheque prisoner gave was worthless and returned marked ‘No account.” A warrant was Issued for his apprehension. Evidence was given to show that no such person as W. E. Stewart lived in the neighbourhood, and a clerk from the Clydesdale Bank stated. that the cheque, with others subsequently produced was taken from a cheque book supplied in 1881, to Mrs. Davidson, grocer, living at Cellardyke, Fifeshire. Mrs. Davidson was dead, and her daughter. Miss Davidson, was now living at Sunningdale. It was at her house that prisoner lived with his wife, be having lived in that neighbourhood for years, and it was from her home that be abstracted the cheque book. The prisoner went to London on Feb. 23rd, and went to a furniture warehouse in Gray’s Inn road, where be selected goods to the amount of £8 10s 9d, and presented a cheque on the same bank far £13 10s, purporting to be signed by Sir Reginald Cathcart. …..” A third cheque for £8 10s. prisoner presented to Mr. James Peters, clothier, 190, High Street, Shoreditch, ……… The fourth cheque also purported to be drawn by “A. E. Steward,” for £10 10s. This the prisoner presented to Mr. S. Good’s, 78, Tottenham Court-road. …………. All the cheques were returned marked “No account.” The prisoner reserved his defence.

Launches -Anstruther shore was the scene of an interesting event on Saturday in the event of the launch of two deep sea fishing craft recently built by Mr. Jarvis. The first to dive into her destined element was the Resolute, 30 tons register owned by Mr. David Black of Pittenweem. She was followed in dashing style by her big sister, scarcely less than 60 ft in length and 35 NT, belonging to Mr James Smith of Cellardyke the son of the public-spirited Magistrate of the name. She is christened the James Ritchie Welch in recognition of the many services of that leading citizen of St Andrews to the fishing community, never so conspicuous by the way, as in his meritorious endeavour of late to rescue their hard won earnings, from the wrecked fortunes of the year. Ex Baillie Welch, who was present with his sister at the launch has, we understand, acknowledged the compliment with a gift of a beautiful barometer, so inscribed as to be at once a fitting and graceful memorial of the interesting event


DESIRABLE PROPERTY IN CELLARDYKE FOR SALE. To be SOLD by Private Bargain, THAT DWELLING-HOUSE of Two 1 Storeys, including the WORKSHOP, numbered 6 and 8 John Street, Cellardyke, with the Large GARDEN behind, which extends to Forth Street, all as belonging to Mr JAMES WATSON (Salter.) For further particulars apply to MESSRS JAMIESON & GUTHRIE, Solicitors, Anstruther, with whom Offers may be lodged on or before 7th April 1887.

Later that week – SALE OF PROPERTY.—The dwelling house on the other side of Cellardyke Town Hall has just been sold by Mr James Watson, Salter, to the adjoining proprietrix, Mrs James Watson, publican, for the sum of £150

The fine deep sea boat in course of construction at St Monans by Mr Robertson has been sold to Mr Donald Henderson, of Cellardyke. She is to be employed, we hear, with net and line in the summer sea. – This vessel was the Vine KY417

TO LET, HOUSE and SHOP (together or separate) at 1 HARBOURHEAD, Cellardyke. House consisting of Kitchen, Back Kitchen, and 3 good sized Rooms. Apply to ALEX. MARR. grocer.

SALE OF BOATS. —The deep-sea fishing boat, the Reform, has been sold to Alexander Roger, Cellardyke, for £260. Mr Robert Heughes, Cellardyke, has purchased the new boat lying at the boatbuilding yard for fully £200. The expense of rigging out is to be borne by the purchaser.

BURGH COURT.—At this court, held on Saturday in Cellardyke Town Hall, David Brown Carstairs, was charged with assaulting Thomas Thomson, shoemaker, in his shop in James Street. The accused pled not guilty, but the complainer producing witnesses the panel was convicted on evidence, and mulcted in the sum of 7s –

At the Burgh Court of East Anstruther on Friday Provost Anderson and Bailie Darsie on the bench—Peter Boyter, fisherman, was accused of being drunk and disorderly at the shore on Saturday night. Pleading guilty. he was admonished and fined 10s.—A youth named Thomas Smith was charged with assaulting George Smith in the East Green on Thursday the 17th by throwing a turnip so as to strike him the eye. He admitted the charge, but under great provocation. Two Cellardyke bystanders were examined for the complaint, but the accused was dismissed with an admonition. The same panel was also accused of stealing six cakes of tobacco, from a box on the counter of Mr Calley, grocer land spirit merchant, at the Cross, on Saturday the 19th ult. He pleaded guilty and was fined 7s 6d


RAILWAY COMPANIES (CARRIAGE of FISH) Bill..–Sir Edward Birkbeck, Bart., M.P., has agreed to alter Sub-Section B of the 6th clause of the Bill, so that the rates, partly by railway and partly by sea, shall not include a ferry over an arm of the sea worked and maintained by a Railway Company as part of its system. This is in accordance with the suggestion of Mr J. Ritchie Welch, of St Andrews, at the meeting of fishermen held at Cellardyke, and will be of great advantage to the Fife fishermen.

BICYCLE, 51 Inch, “Neilson,” in Good Order ; Lamp, almost new; Owner going abroad. Cost £10. Will be sold cheap. What Offer? Hutton, Rodger Street, Cellardyke, Fife.

Last Thursday, the Anchor Line steamer Anchoria left Glasgow for New York with nearly 600 emigrants and passengers, a considerable number of whom were from Edinburgh, two from Anstruther, and one from Cellardyke. The latter obtained their tickets for the passage across the Atlantic, and for the railway journey to Hamilton, Ontario, at the emigration office in Shore Street, Anstruther.

THE OLD LIFEBOAT, ” The Admiral Fitzroy,” which has been replaced by a new life-boat, and which was bought a week or two ago by Mr McKenzie, left Anstruther by rail on Monday for Kinsale.


CELLARDYKE. PRESENTATION.—On Monday evening, the members of Cellardyke Established Church Choir waited upon Mr R. Melville at his house, and presented him with a beautiful silver mounted baton, on which was engraved a suitable inscription. Mr W. Orr, N.B.R., on behalf of the subscribers in a very appropriate speech made the presentation. Mr Melville in a few well chosen remarks, and in a very touching manner, thanked the subscribers for this entirely unexpected proof of their kindness. Thereafter a very pleasant and enjoyable evening was spent.

Owing to the low supplies of bait and the gale from the north-east, little or nothing has been done at the Lent fishing. We can only report three takes rising to £4 for the week. Cod ruled at 40s a score, but the price is low in view of so small a catch at this day of the year. Seventy sales took place at the pier last week, but prime cod only realised 30s. No little anxiety was felt for the boats caught in the gale. In particular, anxious faces flitted and fro asking for the Mary Anderson of Cellardyke, but the sail last emerged through the rain and the mist.. Not a few of the Fife boats refuse in Leith, &c.

Wholesale Thefts – By a Married Woman.— Alison Thomson, the wife of David Ramsay, labourer, Cellardyke, about 36 years of age, and the mother of seven children, was brought before the Kilrenny Burgh Court on Wednesday—all Magistrates on the bench – accused of eight separate acts of theft of wearing apparel, &e., from as many neighbours in the feus at Cellardyke.  She was also charged with a previous conviction on the 2nd August, 1886 when she was sent sixty days to Cupar jail for stealing the sum of £10. The unfortunate panel, who was seemingly overcome with shame and repentance when too late, pleaded guilty. addressing the Court, Fiscal Peebles warned the householders not leave their clothes exposed in the gardens overnight, seeing that the practice was fraught with temptation to the dishonest. Provost, Martin said that he never before had to deal with such serious and painful case. The panel was sentenced as before to sixty days in Dundee Jail.

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