The Cellardyke Echo – 18/11/2015

1849 – 1855

James Fowler posts the annual official advert to enable the burgh to establish ‘a general system of Police’ electing one commissioner in the place of one going out of office.


A meeting of the fishermen of Cellardyke was held for the purpose of taking into consideration the state of the families of Buckie and neighbourhood who lost their relatives and friends in the late storm there.. Mr Thomas Cunningham took the chair … resolutions were moved and carried to raise a subscription on their behalf, and a committee appointed for this purpose, A letter of condolence was also ordered to be sent along with such subscriptions as might be got.


Anstruther Police Commission – the meeting took into consideration the desirableness of appointing a sanitary inspector for the burgh. Provost Todd was authorised to speak with Mr George Watson, the Inspector for Nuisances for Cellardyke to undertake the same duties in Anstruther.


Providential escape of a boats crew _ the Cellardyke boats made a start from our harbour for the fishing ground, but in the course of the passage a gale sprung up from the North West. A heavy swell added greatly to the perilous position of the fishermen. A boat owned by James Gardiner was about 6 miles south easterly from the bell rock when she was struck by a heavy wave which split open one of the bottom planks. The crew only became aware when one went into the cabin to find it covered with water. The alarm was given and every exertion made by pumping, baling and by throwing the ballast stones overboard to keep the boat afloat. Four boats were in the vicinity and went to assist, additional hands put aboard, the boat was taken in tow and the mast and sails put down. Every effort was made to gain the harbour but as the wind was nearly offshore much time and labour was spent before this could be done. The accident happened at 8 in the morning, and with the flowing of the tide the steam lighter Hemaja put out and towed the little fleet and exhausted fisherman to safety.


The inhabitants of Cellardyke have made the movement for the purpose of having the advantages of a Post Office in their village. Mr Ellis MP has promised to aid them in the matter.


Street Manure

The Police Commissioners of Cellardyke in order to remove that very general subject of public complaint – the undue length of time which the manure heaps are gathered by the scavenger’s broom occasionally lie upon the streets from the want of a ready service to cart them away – have just sold their street manure for the ensuing year to Mr Macfarlane, farmer, Carhurlie for £52. Of late the street manure of Cellardyke made up to the great extent with mussel shells has been rising in value, and when sold in public roups may have yielded £109 a year. But as Mr Macfarlane is bound to cart the manure to the depot within a certain number of hours under a stringent penalty the loss in revenue from dung sales is squared by the saving in cartage.


One Cellardyke boat The Jessies belonging to Skipper James Brunton, it has been said made the best fishing ever reached by a Scottish crew, having earned at Lowestoft no less than £430. Several of our Cellardyke crews have earned from £300 to £400; but the average of the sixty Fife boats will be under £200, and in some cases it will not exceed 390, many have sustained considerable loss of gear during the severe storms.

All Yarmouth rung the other day with the daring feat of young Cellardyke fisherman John Watson, who kissed Britannia’s cheek as she sits with trident on the pinnacle of the lofty column 140 feet high. What invested the fearless act with peculiar interest was the terrible tragedy which occurred at the last attempt to scale the monument, ten years ago, ‘Marsh’ fell to his death while embracing the statue. But no squirrel was ever more at home on the shooting bough than our fife fisher seemed to be while swinging like one in mid-air at the top of the dizzy height. He will was seen in many a Yarmouth eye as the ‘hero of the hour’


The 50 crews at Yarmouth have netted an average of £200, so that in the course of the next fortnight a sum of £10 000 will be brought into the district.

1878 Mr Thomas Brown Runs Cellardyke Post Office


The Fishing boat KY 1666 Useful of Cellardyke returning from Yarmouth had gone ashore at Boulmer on the Northumberland coast. The crew of 7 were rescued by 3 fishermen in a coble. The boat was insured for £200 by the Fraserburgh Club. The James Innes of St Monans was also lost and crew saved.

John Pratt master of Cellardyke boat Confidence , grosses  an unheard of £710 at Yarmouth, most vessels ranged between £300 and £400


Cellardyke residents who for years had no means of communication by public phone at night time , The call box is in the Local Post Office – are now to have a phone provided in one of the streets

1936, 19th Nov

Cellardyke church Choir held a variety entertainment in Cellardyke town hall last night. Items rendered by the choir included ‘Laughing Chorus’ and fantasia on songs of burns’

Solos were given by Mr Fredrick Chivers, while violin solos were played by Mr Walter Reekie Junior. Mr J Macleod, Mrs Hosie, Miss J Doig and Miss M Murray also contributed to the programme. A dancing display was given by Miss Georgie Telfer, Pittenweem. The accompanist was Mr Blair.

Two Sketches were performed by the following ‘Honest folk’ Misses Maggie Hodge, Kathleen Scott, Dora Murray, Martha Boyter and Mr Melville Hodges. ‘ Easy Osey’ – Mr D Jack, Mrs Hosie, Mr W Riddell, Misses Margaret Murray, Agnes Carstairs and Chrissie Anderson.

The Cellardyke Echo – 11/11/2015


The John and Mary has not been seen or heard of since she went to sea on the morning of the third. Some articles belonging to the missing boat have been driven ashore, there is every reason to conclude that she must have been run down by a vessel or gone down in a squall. By this melancholy event 8 industrious fisher men have been drowned, leaving six widows and twenty two children to mourn their loss.

John Smith owner and Master – a widow and four children eldest 5 years youngest seven months.

James Fleming – widow pregnant and seven children 2 – 16 years old

Henry Reid – a widow and seven children, the youngest being born on the same morning the father perished.

Thomas Fleming – a widow and six children, four are from 9 – 16 years old

John Fleming unmarried, son of Thomas Fleming perished with his father

James Dick – widow and two children, the eldest 5 years

David Birrell – a pregnant widow

James Dickson – unmarried

From Personal knowledge of each particular case the crew were sober and industrious men, some of the most respectable in their class, and while some of the widows are not so destitute as to be entitled to parochial relief, most are without means for present support – James Fowler set up a fund to help support the families.


James Gardner was fined 5s for allowing his dog to go at large…


The Schooner Elizabeth of Aberdeen was driven ashore near Caplie, No sooner was the vessel observed to be in danger than several Cellardyke fishermen hastened to the spot, and one of their number Thomas Tarvit, at great personal hazard, went on board to aid the crew. On the tide receding, the crew abandoned the vessel, considering her wreck inevitable, but mainly by the exertions of Tarvit and the weather becoming more moderate, she was floated off in the course of the next tide and taken into Crail harbour, apparently but little worse of her mishap.


John A Millar Cellardyke, has just completed a first class fishing vessel for Messrs John Boyter and George Ritchie, Cellardyke and is to be named the Guiding Star, she is within four inches of 50ft but her launch will not take place till the eve of the lent fishing in which she is to be employed.

Robert Melville, Cellardyke, who holds a leading place on the piers at Crail has engaged crews as follows Crabs or Partans, 1s 10d a dozen, Lobsters 1s each till, and 6d after the 15th May with a sovereign for ‘arles’


On Saturday afternoon the body of a woman named Elizabeth Jack or Thomson wife of a Cellardyke fisherman was found at the foot of the steep cliff of rocks between Anstruther and Pittenweem, it is supposed that she committed suicide, for on leaving her sister at Pittenweem on Friday night she told her that she would never see her alive again. She must have fallen a height of 50ft at least and death must have been instantaneous.


‘A good habit will be formed when you begin to use regularly Cooper & Co’s teas

These teas are held in the greatest regard in thousands of homes where they are considered ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the breakfast or tea table.’

Local Tea Agents

Cellardyke A.C Murray 23 George St

Anstruther J. Young, Masonic Restaurant


Intelligence was received in Anstruther yesterday that the body of John Watson, Cellardyke, fireman on the Cellardyke Steam drifter Guerdon, who went amissing about 3 weeks ago had been found.


Married women are no longer to hold teaching appointments under Fife Education authority. A motion to that effect was carried yesterday. The authority approved the following appointments…………. Miss Mary Rennie assistant Mistress Cellardyke as headmistress of Kings Road School, Rosyth.


15th Nov

Large crowds witnessed the launch of the fishing boat Winaway from the boat building yard of Mr Alex Aitken, Anstruther yesterday afternoon. The boat was built to the order of Mr William Carstairs, Cellardyke. It is 52 feet 6 inches in length with a 16ft beam, and is fitted with a semi diesel engine.

Miss Gourlay, daughter of the skipper performed the naming ceremony.


At Anstruther and Cellardyke services were held at the two war memorials.

At the Billowness, Revs James A Paterson, Thomas R Sneddon and DR Ogg officiated, while at Cellardyke the services were conducted by the Revs J Marshall Pryde, James Lee and William Manson.

Wreath were laid at both memorials on behalf of the town council and other organisations.

A remembrance service in the examination hall of the Waid academy was conducted by the Rector Mr W Wishart Thomson. A wreath was placed on the Waid War memorial by the senior girl Margaret Thomas and the acting senior boy Alexander Smith


Children’s own Corner Dundee evening Telegraph.

Many Happy returns of the day to………… Martin Sutherland, Cellardyke, ten years old… I hope you are remembering the competition children, the closing date is Monday so there is still time to get your entries in… lots of love Aunt Joan….

The Cellardyke Echo – 3/11/2015


– The fishermen of Cellardyke have taken shares in the East of Fife railway to the value of £800

  • On Tuesday last the following persons were tried before Sherriff Monteith :-
  • Agnes Tarvit, Cellardyke, for assault, aggravated by a previous conviction pleaded guilty , and received a sentence of four months imprisonment.


 – a follow up from last week’s post it seems that Cellardyke boats were not involved in trawling in St Andrews bay, line fishing was the main method of fishing

…… It is true that when this mode of fishing was introduced about 14 years ago by a fisherman from Rothesay, who practised it successfully in the ‘traith’ several Cellardyke fishermen were first to adopt in this locality what then seemed to be a profitable and legitimate system. Experience soon showed their error and several years since it was voluntarily discontinued, and the whole of their trawling apparatus sold.


David Mayes , porter at Anstruther harbours normal duties were manning a small coble to take out the ropes from the steamer ‘Forth’ when she turned in Anstruther harbour, the steamer being late and a westerly gale blowing he sought help of Cellardyke fisherman John Brown, the steamer struck and sunk the coble on entering the harbour, Brown managed to hang on the stern of the Forth for a hundred yards, but due to the storm none of the crew heard the accident. Brown was rescued in another small boat and was able to walk home but Mayes’ body was not discovered for another 4 hours, with the exception of a slight blemish above the eye the body showed no signs of the violent death, He left a widow and two children.


William Muir, Fisherman Cellardyke, pleaded guilty to having on 26th October committed assault on David Wilson, a publican, for which he was sentenced to pay a 20s fine or suffer fourteen days imprisonment.


The reports of the herring fishing on the Clyde are now very encouraging and several Cellardyke boats seem to have fairly participated in it. From Yarmouth the accounts are very satisfactory and some of the Cellardyke boats have already grossed from £150 to £200 and on some nights the fishing was so heavy that our crews had up to 12 crans.


Fishing boat damaged – On Wednesday morning the fishing yawl Agnes of Cellardyke belonging to Skipper Alexander Jack was found to have been almost crushed to pieces by having rested beneath some of the large deep sea going boats which had shifted during the violent gale which had prevailed over the night. The unfortunate owner is of the opinion that she will not repair and the mishap is the more to be regretted that it threatens to deprive six men of what is almost to them a breadwinner.


Division in the Kilrenny School board… The School board are unanimous for erecting a Central School for the rural district and thriving town of Cellardyke with her 510 children, but a difference of opinion has arised as to the site.  The Rev Christie, Mr Oliphant and Mr Gray of Rennie hill advocate the west corner of the Windmill Rd, The majority however propose to erect the building at a point near the Toll bar. The Rev Christie speaking for the minority, protested that this would not be a Central School for the district and would make a protest to the Board of Education. A compromise could be siting the school not at the end of the Windmill Rd but at or near the ridge!


Death of a fife heroine – Another sleeper was laid in the beautiful churchyard of Kilrenny, in the silver haired widow of Cellardyke, Mrs Elizabeth Henderson or Wilson verging on if not over 90 years of age. She belonged to Burntisland but when her father was lost off Kinghorn pier she came to stay with Cellardyke relatives over 80 years ago. Her husband was a Dunino crofter who became a fisherman but died at a young age.. Elizabeth supported her family by trudging for years from farm to farm in rain or shine with her back creel on to supply eggs and butter or carrying the post.  During the Cholera epidemic of 1849 she followed Dr Black and assisted the dying and the dead when relatives had fled the spot. She also treated sprains &c, and there was a touch of healing in her kind tongue which brought relief when the case had defied the most skilful and accomplished scientist. Mrs Wilson was the mother of seven, sadly outliving some of her children but had twenty four grandchildren and fifty one great grandchildren.


It would appear that Downings bay on the Donegal coast, has advanced to the important position of being regarded as the centre of the principal herring fishery in Ireland. The operating fleet comprises about 34 large boats… three are local and three come from Cellardyke, the rest are the property of the Congested District Board. The Cellardyke Fishermen first introduced this class of boat into the bay. Alexander Pratt and William Watson brought their own boats to Downings six years ago and have fished there each year steadily since and both have no cause to regret coming as they have done well. Owning to the scarcity of herring on the Scotch coats process at Downing have been high …on several occasions reaching 36s


Excellent results were obtained by five Cellardyke drifters last week at Yarmouth and Lowestoft. Rothesay Bay £457, Alnwick castle £405, St Adrian £333, East Neuk £270 and the Edith £195.


A project is afoot to bring miniature golf to Anstruther and Cellardyke, Improvements committee are believed to be considering the laying down of a course to help the finances of the organisation. The Cellardyke town hall would be the venue for the new course.

1931 Dairy Business for sale, Cellardyke. – Shop, 38 Rodger St with 5 apartment dwelling house above, and byre and stable and Cart Shed, &c in connection therewith, Assessed rental £24, feu duty £1 2s. There will be included in the sale the Dry-Dairy Business and Milk round carried on by the late James D Dow….


A 20 year old servant girl Miss Isabella Watson daughter of David Watson, 30 Fowler St, Cellardyke, has died from electric shock. She was in service with Mrs Mackintosh wife of Hugh C Mackintosh, solicitor and town clerk of Pittenweem and St Monans at their residence in Chesterhill, Anstruther. The girl was preparing for supper and Mrs Macintosh found her lying on the floor with an electric lamp in one hand and a radiator in the other. When she bent down beside the girl Mrs Macintosh sustained a shock.

She called Mr Macintosh who…?.. the radiator aside and telephoned the doctor.  Dr J J Wilson and Dr Mackay attempted artificial respiration for two and a half hours and also administered injections to the heart but the girl failed to revive

The Cellardyke Echo – 28/10/2015


Fishing Notes St Andrews,,, The fishermen here are complaining very severely of the conduct of certain boats from Buckhaven, St Monance and Cellardyke which have been trawling the bay for the past four weeks. It alleged it tears up and destroys the grounds and the spawn and several of our boats have had their lines run over rough shod by the heavy trawl, cutting them to the loss and injury of their owners


Alexander Cunningham only 23 years of age is setting up business in the East end of Cellardyke, building one of the largest fishing boats in the district. 47ft x 17ft


Andrew Scott, carter, Cellardyke was sentenced to be imprisoned for 14 days for theft at the Stenton Roup. Andrew Pattie, carter, Cellardyke pled guilty to a breach of the peace at the Stenton roup and was fined £1 or 14 days imprisonment.


Mr George Corstorphine, fisherman, Cellardyke, who in the act of scrambling from the boat to the west Pier Anstruther, laid hold of a piece of wood to assist his landing but the supposed stay yielded to his weight and gave way, and he fell into the harbour striking with considerable violence his head on the gunwale of the boat. His comrades immediately sprang to his rescue…shivering with wet and bleeding profusely from the stroke on his head his appearance at first excited the liveliest fears of his friends, but his condition has since been hopeful, but he has had to forego in the meantime his trip to the south

During the hurry and confusion at the departure of the boats in the intense darkness and rising wind, the deep sea fishing boat Olive Branch of Cellardyke, Skipper Thomas Smith, while leaving the pier under canvas was struck in the bow by another south bound boat. The collision excited little attention and less alarm, for thinking all secure the crew of the Olive Branch went on with their duty as their gallant craft flew like an arrow in the whistling breeze, till some two miles in the offing, two or three hands had an errand to the cabin, where they heard the sound of rushing water through the splintered planks.. happily the boat reached the shore in safety.


Boot factory for Cellardyke

A few weeks ago the capital was subscribed for starting a boot factory in Cellardyke, but some difficulty was experienced in obtaining a site. This difficulty has now been overcome. The promoters have purchased a property in West Forth Street belonging to Mr John Ritchie and lately occupied by Mr Hutton, aerated water manufacturer which will be converted into a factory for the above purpose.


Miss L J Smith, who for the past ten years has been a teacher at Moffat School has recently been appointed as assistant infant Mistress at Cellardyke Public School.


Like most places Cellardyke has its housing problem, and despite the erection of twenty houses by the local authority the supply does not meet demand. At last night’s meeting of the Kilrenny town Council eight applicants, including one from Glasgow were received for tenancy of one of the municipal houses which had become vacant. … It was resolved to ballot the most deserving case. Three applicants, James Wood, Alex Anderson and Andrew Watson all belonging to Cellardyke were voted on and the result was in the favour of the first name..


At a Pittenweem Liberals social, the speaker was Mr Russell , Leven… after teas songs were sung by Miss Jeanie Wood Pittenweem, Miss Ella Carstairs, Cellardyke and Dick Sellars, Pittenweem.

The Cellardyke Echo – 14/10/2015


Anstruther Easter – …. We have often regretted the want of an efficient police officer throughout the winter…. On Saturday nights the town is generally visited by gangs of the most disorderly young vagabonds from the neighbouring town of Cellardyke, who hesitate not to attack every female they meet, either with the most obscene language or gross personal maltreatment. Several instances have occurred of this since the fishermen have returned from the herring fishing, but, notwithstanding the knowledge of this, we regret to say that no steps have been taken by the public authorities to bring the offenders to justice.


Skipper Adam Watson is called to Perth Court as a witness in a case against the Master of the Steamer Mars of Dundee which was run aground on the Rumness reef east of Crail . A girl called Katherine Sharkey lost her life that night..

Adam was fishing in his 38ft boat with 8 of a crew when hailed by the master of the Mars looking for a harbour to get coals. He was not informed that the vessel was sinking otherwise he would have taken crew and passengers aboard. Adam informed him that he could get the pilot out of Anstruther but this was taken no further.

The master eventually had the charge of culpable homicide dropped but was found guilty of culpable and reckless neglect of duty.


The quickest passage of the season with new teas – The China Clipper ship, Min, Captain Smith (Cellardyke), arrived last Sunday after a very rapid passage from Foo-Choo-foo; and the Taeping, Captain MacKinnon, belonging to the same owners also arrived on Wednesday morning, beating every ship of the season in 102 days.


The Effects of a loose tongue – At a burgh court, Bailie Brown, on the bench. James Haggart, better known by his soubriquet of Abernethy, was charged with breach of the peace, in so far as he used insulting and threatening language to James Watson, fishcurer, Cellardyke, and otherwise conducting himself in a drunken riotous manner near the east quay……. A witness supported James Watson’s evidence stating that had Watson not been a man with a mild temper, he would certainly have taken the law in his own hands, so unbearable was the language used towards him.. Found Guilty the defendant was fined 12s 6d or twelve days imprisonment, Bailie Brown reprimanded him saying this was the second disgraceful appearance before the bench in two months, and counselled him to refrain from drinking.


The bankruptcy case of John Alexander Millar, boat builder Cellardyke is reported to be held 26th October and creditors to meet in the Tontine Hotel Cupar. 6th Nov.


Burgh Court in Cellardyke – all the magistrates were on the bench when six schoolboys – John and George , sons of Robert Anderson, Alexander, son of James Moncrieff, James, son of James Parker, George, son of James Salter and William, son of William Melville, pleaded guilty to having in a mischievous frolic smashed the windows of the infant school. The poor little urchins, as they stood trembling in tears evinced great penitence for their thoughtless misdemeanour and after a pointed reprimand, they, or rather their parents were fined 2s each ..


James Patterson Wallace, Cellardyke fisherman belonging to the Morning Star effected a most gallant rescue from drowning of a boy in Yarmouth harbour. The Morning Star was moored opposite the fish quay when the alarm was raised. The boy had fallen off the quay and passed under the keel of a steamer and rose to the surface some 80 yards down the harbour. Wallace, hearing the shouts from the crowded fish market though wearing seaboots and heavy clothing unhesitatingly plunged into the water and saved the boy who seemed dead. The Morning Star’s crew took the lad below and after prolonged exertions restored him to consciousness. Wallace’s heroic act was cheered by hundreds of admiring spectators


The Gleanaway (KY40), the new type of fishing boat built to the order of bailie Carstairs, by Messrs J & G Forbes Sandhaven… has completed its speed tests off Cellardyke. It is believed its average speed was 11 ¼ miles per hour with approx. fuel consumption 3s 6d per hour. Should these figures be confirmed the installation of the diesel engine in this boat will mark a new era in the fishing industry, as the increased speed at a reduced cost of running is an all-important point for fishermen. The Gleanaway will leave next week for Yarmouth… (****NB A steam drifter was running at 8s 6d per hour . The Gleanaway cost £4100 to build, a wooden steam drifter was £4800 and a steel steam drifter £6200. The Gleanaway was to go on and set a record speed of return from Yarmouth doing the journey in little over 24 hours a standard drifter’s fastest return was upwards of 33 hours. )

Thw Cellardyke Echo – 7/10/2015


The body of a man, supposed to be one of the unfortunate crew of the boat belonging to Cellardyke that recently upset, was found on the beach at St Skeoch, near Boddin on Monday last.. .. height, above 5 feet seven, appeared to have been stout, hair black, had on a broad and narrow striped shirt tied with blue tape, blue jacket, blue breaches – light blue boot stockings with the letters I.D in white in the top of them – sea boots, old; had in his pocket a seal skin tobacco doss, in which two pone pound notes… half a crown and two shillings and a clasp knife.. The body was decently interred in the churchyard of St Vigeans by the Fishermen of Auchmithie. (likely to be one of the Davidson’s lost with the OLIVE reported last week)


A meeting of the fishermen was held in the Town hall Cellardyke for the purposes of appointing the coxswain and crew for the lifeboat (Admiral Fitzroy). James Fowler esq (ancestor of Harry Fowler) was in the Chair….instructions issued by the NLI as to the duties and coxswain of the crew were read to the assembly. It was decided to elect 6 coxswains, anyone to take charge during an emergency as some fishermen may be absent… the following were elected Robert Brown, C Carstairs, Alex Fowler Kay, T Birrel, James Smith and John Pratt. 50 of the fishermen also volunteered as crew. The lifeboat was expected to arrive at the train station within the next few weeks.


John A Millar (No relation to Millers of St Monans )  Boatbuilder Cellardyke is advertising a 19ft yawl suitable for the Clyde fishing and 15’ 6” ships boat for  sale


Aberdeen – On Wednesday Morning, Charles Tulloch, residing in Lodge Walk, discovered the body of a many lying in the River dee. It was removed to the police office Torry and identified as that of David Corstorphine (50) fisherman of Cellardyke…. It is supposed he was returning to his lodgings and owing to the slippery nature of the ground has missed his footing and fallen in and had been unable to extricate himself from the mud… the deceased came to the town about a fortnight ago and had been engaged as a fisherman on board a steam fishing boat.


Rescue from Drowning – On Saturday while some children were playing on board the boats in the inner harbour.. a boy of 7, son of Alex Fraser, shoemaker, Cellardyke, fell in the water. His companions gave the alarm and a fisherman named George Anderson, West Anstruther, immediately leaped in after him. With some trouble caused by the struggles of the child he swam to the side of the boats where others relieved him of his charge. Fraser was unconscious but speedily brought round, Anderson was none the worse, but he deserves great praise …as this is the 7th life he has saved in 4 years…..


Buckhaven – A singing competition under the auspices of Macduff Castle Tent IOR was held in aid of the building fund of the proposed new temperance hall First prize was awarded to Mr James Wood Cellardyke.


10th Oct  the best fished boats at Yarmouth this day were all Cellardyke boats, Lily and Maggie (70 crans), Carmi III (53 crans) and the White Cross (47 crans)


Mrs E Wallace, 67 John Street has received intimation that her son Signaller Adam Wallace, Airborne Division has been posted missing. He was among those who took part in the landings at Arnhem.


Robert Gardner Stevenson Graduates from St Andrews University with a BSc in Engineering

The Cellardyke Echo – 30/9/2015

27th September 1828

At three o Clock afternoon of the 24th, while a fleet of Cellardyke boats were returning from Eden – water with mussels for bait, one of them the Olive, Davidson, Master, went down between the Carr Rock Beacon and the Isle of May, the boat and six of the crew were unfortunately lost. One of the boats in company succeeded in saving the only other man on board, named Davidson,  he has to lament the loss of two sons, a brother and a brother’s son.

25th September 1860

Broughty Ferry – revival of religion – On Thursday night , a meeting was addressed in the Mission house by Robert Brown and Alexander Cunningham two fishermen of Cellardyke; and a sketch of the revival in that place was given…. Whereas in former years about £40 was spent on strong drink, when the herring boats were ‘hauled up’ this year the money has been laid aside forming a fund to meet some future emergency…..

1 Oct 1877

Departure of fishing boats for the South –  In the course of last week no less than 70 of our fishing boats left for Yarmouth and Lowestoft…. There will be fully 500 persons from Anstruther and Cellardyke prosecuting the enterprise at these ports.

30th September 1885

The Rising Fortunes of Cellardyke – … Mr James Henderson has just sold the east most of the model fisher homes in the new street at right angles to Rodger Street, Cellardyke, to Mr Henry Beat (Bett) at the price of £365.. This house includes superior domestic accommodation for two families with every convenience for fishermen in the way of barking and storage of tackle. We also learn that Mr Alex Key has sold his house in West Forth Street to his Brother in law in Pittenweem, Mr David Parker, who intends to move thither with his family at the coming term. If the rumour is true, this is only one of several skippers and fishermen of Pittenweem who are about to take a similar step, so as to exchange that ill-suited over crowded shore for the fine harbour and other deep sea facilities enjoyed as nowhere else perhaps on the coast at Cellardyke.

28 Sept 1898

John Gardiner (28), Cellardyke, part owner of the Maggie Scott KY 27… has been drowned. The vessel put into West Hartlepool a week ago, In the evening Gardiner left the boat with several of the crew, from whom he departed some time afterwards declining to go to the place of entertainment on account of his deafness.. he was seen by the harbour police before midnight going aboard another vessel in order to get to his own boat but was not seen again… The harbour was grappled but without success.

 Yesterday the crew received intimation that his body had been found in the water

2 Oct 1943

The London Gazette announced the award of the OBE to Capt. William Smith Keay, whose vessel almost continuously attacked by an enemy aircraft , ‘ put up a magnificent defence’.  Son of Andrew Keay, Cellardyke his vessel was the subject of heavy bombardment from the air a torpedo practically tore the side off his vessel during the North African Landings.

2 Oct 1946

With borrowed shovels two demobbed naval officers laid the foundations of a new industry for East Fife. Lieut. Appleby and Lieut. Commander P Branch with Mr J Brown Cellardyke have created a modern furniture works out of what was once an old net factory at Cellardyke…. They cleared away 12 tons of junk including the fuselages of two ‘flying fleas’, and St Andrews Town council lent them a concrete mixer to lay the floor… 26 tons of concrete and rubble was laid by three men in four days.. They are now in full production…..present staff numbers are 10 they are set to expand and young girls are to be trained in French polishing…

The Cellardyke Echo – 23/9/2015

1904 Dundee Courier

“Cellardyke fish hawkers ought to know better than disturb the quiet of the Ancient City. Yesterday one of their number had to answer in St Andrews Police court to the serious charge of crying ‘Caller herrin’ or some cadgers call of this nature.. The chief witness could not distinguish the words and it was annoying to his slumbers, he declared that though ‘he could sleep through the ringing of a bell he could not sleep through that noise’. The cadger was fined half a crown or three days imprisonment. The presiding magistrate pointing out how well-bred the local fish hawkers were. They went from door to door and it was not necessary to shout.”

25 Sept 1905

David Stevenson, Cellardyke, (50) Crew member of the Integrity, fell between two boats in Scarborough harbour. Artificial respiration was resorted to and he partially regained consciousness but died 5 hours later.

28 Sept 1905

Mr Williamson conducted a ceremony to open the fountain at Anstruther harbour dedicated to his father Stephen Williamson born Cellardyke 28/6/1827, who died Copley, Cheshire 1903. The Anstruther and Cellardyke town band played several inspiring airs. At a luncheon afterwards Mr Williamson donated a gold chain of office to Anstruther Easter, and cheque for £25 to Anstruther Wester and similar amount to Cellardyke to be distributed amongst the poor during the coming winter. *** ( the family generosity continues a significant donation was given to the Church and the East Neuk foodbank following the reinternment  of Stephen Williamson’s father at Kilrenny in the summer of 2015)

25 Sept 1916

William Smith, Skipper of the Cellardyke Steam Drifter, Olive Leaf received two telegrams from the front, the first stated that his son Second Lieutenant Thomas Smith (19) Royal Scots, was missing, the second telegram stated that he had been wounded in action and was in a Red Cross hospital. It was only about one month since Thomas had been sent to the front.

21 Sept 1927

Alexander Hodge , 35 Shore St Cellardyke was fined at Cupar Sherriff Court for driving ‘a motor omnibus backward in a negligent manner’

22 Sept 1927

Janet Innes, worker at the oilskin factory Cellardyke was knocked down on the Pittenweem road by a car driven by Dr Armour, Anstruther. She suffered from concussion and bruises.

21 Sept 1921

At a meeting in Cellardyke town hall, Cellardyke Fishermen sought changes in the way the winter herring was sold at Anstruther. Until then the fish was sold privately or buyers making the highest bid on the piers. Skippers Martin Gardner and Lock Horsburgh supported a motion that in future the herring should be sold through a salesman with fixed commission with buyers called by the use of a bell, this would create greater competition. A committee was formed and an agreement with the salesmen was made in the harbour office Anstruther, and steps were taken to prevent fishermen deviating from the rules.

21 Sept 1933

A unique torch lit fancy dress procession in aid of funds for the Cardinal steps bathing pond proved a great success, raising the sum of £14. Over 100 took part in the procession accompanied by Anstruther Boy Scout Pipe band. Over 200 couples attended the following fund raising Carnival dance in Cellardyke town hall. Music supplied by the Rialto Follies, Lundin Links.

19 Sept 1950

The Queen visited the East Neuk, On the quay at the Folly Provost W.W.Carstairs was presented, A bouquet was given to the Queen by Miss Chrissie Smith the Provost’s niece. The fisherwife’s shawl of Mrs Margaret Dunbar, Cellardyke, aged 71 attracted the Queen’s attention, she stopped and exchanged a few words. Fishing fleet pennants – Pride o’ Fife White Queen, Breadwinner, &c were strung from the rooftops.

The Cellardyke Echo – 16/9/2015

1942 – 18th Sept – ‘Miss Nan Williamson, Bus conductress, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Williamson, Benavon, Toll Rd was injured yesterday. While she was directing a bus which was reversing into Messrs. Alexander’s depot in Pittenweem Road, Anstruther, her head became jammed between the rear of the bus and a car. She received wounds to her head and face and was removed to Dundee Royal Infirmary

1849 – Four cases of Cholera this week in Cellardyke, two were fatal, two were in recovery

1864 – A house fire east of the town hall -the building was severely damaged when flammable material from a nearby chimney landed on its thatched roof. The 2 story house belonged to James Fowler but only one story was left, Mrs. Jack, a widow lost all her grocery stock either by the fore or by the means of extinguishing it. and total destruction of all household effects.

1895 – John Carstairs, master of the Mizpah KY 398 gave evidence in the enquiry to the loss of George Watson (25), 8 Rodger Street, who was lost overboard when moving the block attached to the end of the fore sail, there was a squall and the wind caught the sail again and he was dragged overboard by the rope

1890 – A young boy, James Moncrieff was in court and pled guilty of stealing turnips from Kilrenny Mill farm. John Doig, fisherman Shore Street was fined 15s or 10 days imprisonment for assaulting another fisherman.

The Cellardyke Echo – 9/9/2015

This week
J Porter of The East Neuk of Fife Photographic Gallery, Cellardyke was advertising 12 Carte de Visite Portraits for 2s 8d
(there were the studio photographic portraits usually about 2inches by 3 inches)

Captain Macdonald was investigating the collision between PD 556 Agnes and Janet (Skipper James Ranken) and the Venus Star KY 1588 (Peter Murray, Skipper) which resulted in the sinking of the Venus Star. The Portessie boat agreed to pay £50 to the owners of the Cellardyke boat (SEE SEPARATE COMMENT BELOW)

1883 – The new town hall at Cellardyke, a gift from Stephen Williamson MP and David Fowler natives of the town, has just been completed at a cost of £3500 , official opening to be 19th Sept.

Andrew Elder, (5) of Cellardyke met his death by falling from an express train between Barry and Monifeith, he was leaning on the door when it burst open.

Close of the herring season at Fraserburgh. ‘Fisher’s Friend’ KY 294 of Cellardyke was one of the top earners grossing £340.

STOP PRESS…. some bad reporting and incorrect info across two newspapers.. clarity needed on Venus Star…. Dundee Telegraph 30 Aug 1882 ‘yesterday afternoon The herring fishing boat Agnes and Janet PD 556…….. was rundown and sunk off Peterhead by the fishing boat Venus Star LH 1583 (registration port wrong) Peter Murray, Cellardyke, skipper. There was a fresh North West wind blowing, The boats had heavy shots and kept running for the South Harbour until the entrance was blocked. As soon as the tide began to ebb a rush was made round the headland for the North harbour, and, as at the time a number of boats were running for the north side from the open sea, several narrow escapes from collision were made. The Agnes and Janet was under sail from the south harbour, and was staying to take the north entrance, and was, it is averred, on the wrong tack, when the Firth boat came upon her striking her amidships and cutting her completely in halves. The crew had just time to catch the Venus star as she was running through their craft, and were thus saved and brought into the harbour. The boat which was two years old and uninsured, went down with nets and all equipment and a shot of about 40 40 crans of herrings.