Gallery 495 Cellardyke – Cellardyke Harbour Phone Box


Gallery 495 is taking a summer break

Siobhan McLaughlin, is unable to exhibit with us this summer for health reasons. You may see her exciting work at Pittenweem Art Festival in August.

The Gallery programme will continue with the autumn show by illustrator Holly Cowie (late of Dove Street); followed in the New Year by Jake Brown, who needs no further introduction. Thanks to Jake also for the sign writing for theGallery.

Enjoy your holidays

Cat Coulter – A Call For Change 1 January – 31 March 2024

Link to article from Dundee Courier

The Cellardyke Trust invited me to create a site-specific installation to address environmental issues for their community gallery hub, Gallery 495 Cellardyke.

In creating “A Call For Change”, I have used this public means of communication, a traditional red phonebox, combined with local beach debris, to encourage a conversation about the rising levels of pollution in our seas.

This debris is made up of things which have been casually littered, flushed, abandoned, or otherwise swept onto our shores.

Sadly, seeing these things on our beaches is now an everyday occurrence. It seems like we either stop noticing it, or we just accept that it is the new normal.

The installation includes items washed up by Storm Babet, just one of the many recent named storms, which are becoming more frequent and more severe.

The phonebox contains a wide range of creations and materials, which also extends around the outside, re-creating a sea of plastic.

The seascape is knitted from creel ropes, nets and ribs, reflecting the local lobster fishing industry. The inspiration for knitting the ropes comes from the rich local heritage of women knitting traditional “ganseys” – fine intricately patterned woollen jerseys to keep the herring fishermen warm at sea.

The sea tumbles and tangles the lost working ropes into impossible knots, which I have unravelled and then knitted to give them a new sense of order.

The blue plastic creel ribs echo wave forms and suggest the movement of dolphins or other sea mammals which often pass this spot.

The phonebox also houses a menagerie of “Rustaceans” and “Art-thropods”, which have mutated and evolved from the plastic soup of the sea. Notice also the red flag as a warning sign.

The blue print of Seafood Takeaway also reminds us that plastics in our oceans are now becoming part of the foodchain.

Finally, I acknowledge with thanks that the phonebox itself has, of course, also been repurposed, preserving its iconic position by Cellardyke harbour and offering new creative potential for local artists and the community.

Cat Coulter will have her artist event at the Haven on 18th February from 2-4pm

“IMMERSE” by Johanna van den Berg

Joanna van den Berg, St Monan’s based artist is exhibiting at Gallery495 the community art gallery on Cellardyke Harbour until the end of December 2023. 

Her work uses landscape, nature and found objects to metaphor life, love and reconciliation.

Using text, backed by mono-printed paper panels, Joanna has made a box of watery words. A solar light comes on at dusk, and looms through the thinner parts of the paper.

“Cellardyke’s iconic red box and tiny stone harbour are steeped in beginnings, longing and homecoming. This installation started as a piece on connection, but has morphed into a reflection on transience. Our little lives seem reassuringly insubstantial against the pounding of the sea against the harbour wall, the relentless ebb and flow of the tide.

We love the sea and rightly so. It produces oxygen, regulates our climate, gives us food, energy, rest and recovery.” Joanna van den Berg.

IMMERSE is a 2-year visual arts project to explore our relationship with water.

Instagram: immerse_project

INVITATION – Come and hear about this Exhibition on SATURDAY 9th DEC 2pm at the HAVEN at Cellardyke harbour

Exhibition: Saggar Shore 2023 -Wayne Galloway, ceramicist

April-July 2023 Local materials including shells, salts and seaweed on burnished tiles decorated with brushed colourants and other found items. Fired in a raku kiln in a foil saggar, then polished with wax to reveal their surfaces. The tiles capture the space where shore meets sea and explore the ever-changing line that defines them. Seaweed panes filter light onto the surface – covering, revealing and drifting with the light. The vases and other vessels fill the gallery space as if floating and Facebook: @waynegallowayceramics

November 2022 Exhibition – SEAN DOOLEY

Currently showing at Cellardyke Harbour


Some more recent pics

Sean working on the the renovation as part of the £2000 grant we received from Fife Council – note the pink undercoat
The McFarlane Co Saracen Glasgow sign on the rear which ties with info on K6 and Scottish Crown- further info on this website.

New signage – Cellardyke and Gallery 495 on completed renovation

The new year take over by Greener Kirkcaldy


What a fantastic transformation, expertly restored by Sean


Sean is currently doing a painstaking job on the restoration. Funding through Fife Council schemes provided all the new parts and glazing. He has removed all the old parts and rubbed down the paintwork, painted the rusted parts with kurust and galvanising paint, next will come pink primer and then the glazing and new frames.