Message on a Bottle – Update

In 2019 Cellardyke Trust approached David Behrens who had designed the boats for the Gifts to the Sea project to design and build a dispenser for the wooden bottles for our telephone box at the harbour. the messages will not be in bottles but on flat wooden bottle shapes, dispensed from this fabulous machine.

Watch The amazing video of David making the bottle dispenser here.

This video has gone viral with over 16 000 views world wide.

The bottles will have messages and latitude /longitude and ‘what three words’ marked on them so that each of you could either release a bottle into the sea at Cellardyke or take it on holiday and set it free there.

When any of these bottles are recovered and we are contacted we will mark their journey as best as possible on a map.

We are hoping to install the machine in the spring/ summer of 2021 when the pandemic restrication allow. Something to look forwards to !