Cellardyke History and Research

There are multiple sources of information about Cellardyke’s history. Below are some links and downloads. The links are underlined if you click on them you will open a new page or go to a new site.

We will continue to link to other researcher’s work and information as it becomes available.

If you have any research you would wish to add to these pages please email info@cellardyketrust.org

Cellardyke Businesses and Shops

Losses to the Sea

Cellardyke Boatbuilders

Photos of Cellardyke owned and skippered sailing fishing boats

Cellardyke owned and skippered steam drifters and line fishing boats

Dykers working with steam fishing vessels not based at home

Belonging to Cellardyke and Kilrenny

An exhibition displayed during Cellardyke Sea Queen 2023

Exhibition created to commemorate the centenary of WW1

Cellardyke Photos

Kilrenny and Cellardyke War Memorial and the 2020 Remembrance

The Story of Mary Buick summarised

Publications and links

Sonny Corstorphine’s research latterly published on the Cellardyke Residents’ Association webpage “The Evolution of Cellardyke”

Research by multiple contributors in the form of Downloadable Documents – Further Cellardyke research