Manx Beauty PL 35


Summary of the Project

Manx beauty – Latest Photos

Manx Beauty – Detailed history

Manx Beauty – Build, Launch and Naming Ceremony

Lockhart Horsburgh – First Skipper of the Manx Beauty

Johnny Deas – Skipper of the Manx Fairy

Alasdair Maclean – Skipper/ Owner 1964-1972


Status on Acquisition

Post Restoration

The Music Project

Sustainability and the Fruitful Fund


Pittenweem Exhibition 30/10/21

Read about the amazing fundraiser in Belgium here and the old friendship of skippers


The Crowdfunder was very sucessful for the period it ran and page remains open as a way to support us on line. watch the video to see what the project is all about!

Please consider donating and send the link out to anyone and everyone that may be interested in our community project

Link to Manx Beauty Facebook page.

A recent talk to the Anstruther Inprovements Association on the Manx Beauty Project


The project would like to thank all the individuals and companies involved in helping us save this important vessel.

Trust support has come from the Norah Webber Trust who understand the educational potential of the whole project, subsequently it was their intervention enabled us in the early stages to save the vessel.

Our supporters so far (in no particular order). Those who have donated time or money outwith the crowdfunder.

  • Ian and Sybil Murray
  • Sylvia Sharples
  • Peter Aikman
  • Richard Fielder
  • Kenny Ward
  • Gillian Crozier McLaren – Pittenweem Properties
  • Andrew Chalmers
  • Alan Tricker
  • Eric Govan
  • John Chalmers
  • Andrew Gould
  • Dave Crowther
  • Pam Moncur
  • Kate and John Shearer
  • Billy Field
  • Sheila and John Taylor
  • Nick and Janine Chalmers
  • Bob Flann
  • Mike and Laura Griffin
  • Coull Deas
  • Billy and Alean Morris
  • Darren Peattie – East Neuk Salt Co.
  • Willie Deas
  • Michael Deas
  • Elsie Deas
  • Susan Innes
  • Eleanor and Sandy Bowman
  • John Deas
  • Dave Smith
  • Wendy Gow – The Haven
  • Johnny and Jennie Brown
  • Alan and Astrid Brown and Family
  • Lawrie and Lynn Smith
  • Morven and Ian Ovenstone Jones – East Neuk Pianos
  • Jo Hilton and Chris Oliver
  • John Spink
  • Linda McBride – Gibbles
  • Douglas Patterson
  • Davie Tod
  • John Doig
  • Jo Morgan
  • Tom McDonald