The Manx Beauty – Restoration Project

The Manx Beauty – Restoration

Prior to any restoration begining we must record the vessel as she currently stands in order to prepare a “historical record document”.

This will involve photographing her inside and out, taking accurate measurements and drawing up plans. For more details on this please see the Status on Acquisition page.

Manx Beauty’s cabin

Once that stage is complete we will strip her out inside to get a true picture of her hull condition. We need to remove the engine, concrete ballast and all internal fixtures and fittings. This will enable us to create accurate costings for applications to funders

We already know the Manx Beauty will need major restoration work. We wish to bring her back to her original look and up to MCA standards. This will involve significant work , replacement of ribs, deck beams and deck as well as some planks. Internal fit out and replica wheelhouse built.  The estimated duration of the project is approximately 3 years.


Funders will not consider an application if restoration or a project has already begun.

Our ambition is to raise enough grant income to employ a charge hand. We require a skilled boat builder to lead the restoration and motivate a team of volunteers and students. The current estimate is approximately £250 k

Who will be involved?

Community organisations.

The East Neuk Men’s Shed and members of The Scottish Fisheries Museum Boats Club are already active in the project.

The Manx Beauty will be a long term significant project to get our teeth into. It will provide a focus for members that short term projects do not. This boat was built by the community, and operated by men from the community, over and above that it is vital that the community now restore it and are involved in her running. There is no doubt that the Manx Beauty holds a special place in the history of the town. The Project can help groups like ourselves have a pride in what we do. We will be able to show off our part in her restoration which will have multiple benefits for our members.

David Simpson (Chair East Neuk Mens Shed)


Discussions have begun with The Waid (the East Neuk’s secondary school) regarding opportunities for young students who wish to study practical rather than academic skills. Over and above that there are other potential opportunities for students once the boat is restored. The school already offers Sea Survival studies and we may be able to provide additional practical support for this. We are also investigating how we can integrate with the school in SQA certifications in Maritime Studies.

We have submitted a grant application to devlop a project working with university, secondary and primary school students. The theme is the ” a wooden boat – the ultimate recyclable vessel”. Firsty, we will focus on reclaiming wood to be recycled into new objects of value. Secondly our focus will be on the building of wooden boats and lastly, replanting to replace wood used in the restoration and carbon capture.

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Fife Council Social Work Criminal Justice team have no significant projects in the East of Fife. The Manx Beauty has the potential to provide the type of work that would give the teams working on Community payback as sense of worth and a pride in achieving something for the community.

“The commitment by the clients to the programme is generally one day per week but we would hope that they will develop volunteering opportunities that will make them use more of their time wisely, whilst learning new skills and I see your project as being instrumental in that. “

The day of the launch – the third boat is a pilot cutter.