The Cellardyke Echo – 23/9/2015

1904 Dundee Courier

“Cellardyke fish hawkers ought to know better than disturb the quiet of the Ancient City. Yesterday one of their number had to answer in St Andrews Police court to the serious charge of crying ‘Caller herrin’ or some cadgers call of this nature.. The chief witness could not distinguish the words and it was annoying to his slumbers, he declared that though ‘he could sleep through the ringing of a bell he could not sleep through that noise’. The cadger was fined half a crown or three days imprisonment. The presiding magistrate pointing out how well-bred the local fish hawkers were. They went from door to door and it was not necessary to shout.”

25 Sept 1905

David Stevenson, Cellardyke, (50) Crew member of the Integrity, fell between two boats in Scarborough harbour. Artificial respiration was resorted to and he partially regained consciousness but died 5 hours later.

28 Sept 1905

Mr Williamson conducted a ceremony to open the fountain at Anstruther harbour dedicated to his father Stephen Williamson born Cellardyke 28/6/1827, who died Copley, Cheshire 1903. The Anstruther and Cellardyke town band played several inspiring airs. At a luncheon afterwards Mr Williamson donated a gold chain of office to Anstruther Easter, and cheque for £25 to Anstruther Wester and similar amount to Cellardyke to be distributed amongst the poor during the coming winter. *** ( the family generosity continues a significant donation was given to the Church and the East Neuk foodbank following the reinternment  of Stephen Williamson’s father at Kilrenny in the summer of 2015)

25 Sept 1916

William Smith, Skipper of the Cellardyke Steam Drifter, Olive Leaf received two telegrams from the front, the first stated that his son Second Lieutenant Thomas Smith (19) Royal Scots, was missing, the second telegram stated that he had been wounded in action and was in a Red Cross hospital. It was only about one month since Thomas had been sent to the front.

21 Sept 1927

Alexander Hodge , 35 Shore St Cellardyke was fined at Cupar Sherriff Court for driving ‘a motor omnibus backward in a negligent manner’

22 Sept 1927

Janet Innes, worker at the oilskin factory Cellardyke was knocked down on the Pittenweem road by a car driven by Dr Armour, Anstruther. She suffered from concussion and bruises.

21 Sept 1921

At a meeting in Cellardyke town hall, Cellardyke Fishermen sought changes in the way the winter herring was sold at Anstruther. Until then the fish was sold privately or buyers making the highest bid on the piers. Skippers Martin Gardner and Lock Horsburgh supported a motion that in future the herring should be sold through a salesman with fixed commission with buyers called by the use of a bell, this would create greater competition. A committee was formed and an agreement with the salesmen was made in the harbour office Anstruther, and steps were taken to prevent fishermen deviating from the rules.

21 Sept 1933

A unique torch lit fancy dress procession in aid of funds for the Cardinal steps bathing pond proved a great success, raising the sum of £14. Over 100 took part in the procession accompanied by Anstruther Boy Scout Pipe band. Over 200 couples attended the following fund raising Carnival dance in Cellardyke town hall. Music supplied by the Rialto Follies, Lundin Links.

19 Sept 1950

The Queen visited the East Neuk, On the quay at the Folly Provost W.W.Carstairs was presented, A bouquet was given to the Queen by Miss Chrissie Smith the Provost’s niece. The fisherwife’s shawl of Mrs Margaret Dunbar, Cellardyke, aged 71 attracted the Queen’s attention, she stopped and exchanged a few words. Fishing fleet pennants – Pride o’ Fife White Queen, Breadwinner, &c were strung from the rooftops.

The Cellardyke Echo – 16/9/2015

1942 – 18th Sept – ‘Miss Nan Williamson, Bus conductress, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Williamson, Benavon, Toll Rd was injured yesterday. While she was directing a bus which was reversing into Messrs. Alexander’s depot in Pittenweem Road, Anstruther, her head became jammed between the rear of the bus and a car. She received wounds to her head and face and was removed to Dundee Royal Infirmary

1849 – Four cases of Cholera this week in Cellardyke, two were fatal, two were in recovery

1864 – A house fire east of the town hall -the building was severely damaged when flammable material from a nearby chimney landed on its thatched roof. The 2 story house belonged to James Fowler but only one story was left, Mrs. Jack, a widow lost all her grocery stock either by the fore or by the means of extinguishing it. and total destruction of all household effects.

1895 – John Carstairs, master of the Mizpah KY 398 gave evidence in the enquiry to the loss of George Watson (25), 8 Rodger Street, who was lost overboard when moving the block attached to the end of the fore sail, there was a squall and the wind caught the sail again and he was dragged overboard by the rope

1890 – A young boy, James Moncrieff was in court and pled guilty of stealing turnips from Kilrenny Mill farm. John Doig, fisherman Shore Street was fined 15s or 10 days imprisonment for assaulting another fisherman.

The Cellardyke Echo – 9/9/2015

This week
J Porter of The East Neuk of Fife Photographic Gallery, Cellardyke was advertising 12 Carte de Visite Portraits for 2s 8d
(there were the studio photographic portraits usually about 2inches by 3 inches)

Captain Macdonald was investigating the collision between PD 556 Agnes and Janet (Skipper James Ranken) and the Venus Star KY 1588 (Peter Murray, Skipper) which resulted in the sinking of the Venus Star. The Portessie boat agreed to pay £50 to the owners of the Cellardyke boat (SEE SEPARATE COMMENT BELOW)

1883 – The new town hall at Cellardyke, a gift from Stephen Williamson MP and David Fowler natives of the town, has just been completed at a cost of £3500 , official opening to be 19th Sept.

Andrew Elder, (5) of Cellardyke met his death by falling from an express train between Barry and Monifeith, he was leaning on the door when it burst open.

Close of the herring season at Fraserburgh. ‘Fisher’s Friend’ KY 294 of Cellardyke was one of the top earners grossing £340.

STOP PRESS…. some bad reporting and incorrect info across two newspapers.. clarity needed on Venus Star…. Dundee Telegraph 30 Aug 1882 ‘yesterday afternoon The herring fishing boat Agnes and Janet PD 556…….. was rundown and sunk off Peterhead by the fishing boat Venus Star LH 1583 (registration port wrong) Peter Murray, Cellardyke, skipper. There was a fresh North West wind blowing, The boats had heavy shots and kept running for the South Harbour until the entrance was blocked. As soon as the tide began to ebb a rush was made round the headland for the North harbour, and, as at the time a number of boats were running for the north side from the open sea, several narrow escapes from collision were made. The Agnes and Janet was under sail from the south harbour, and was staying to take the north entrance, and was, it is averred, on the wrong tack, when the Firth boat came upon her striking her amidships and cutting her completely in halves. The crew had just time to catch the Venus star as she was running through their craft, and were thus saved and brought into the harbour. The boat which was two years old and uninsured, went down with nets and all equipment and a shot of about 40 40 crans of herrings.

The Cellardyke Echo – 3/9/2015

The first Cellardyke Echo

1894 – Thomas Pringle (30) of Cellardyke was lost from the Onyx, Skipper Robert Meldrum

1903 – A Duleanell pipe organ is to be shortly to be installed in the Cellardyke Baptist Church

1914 – Provost Black presented Thomas Watson, cooper with a Royal Humane Society parchment for rescuing a boy, Wm Mason who was in danger of drowning at Cellardyke.

1916- Military medal was awarded to Drummer Harry Bowman of Cellardyke, serving with the Black Watch. Youngest son of fisherman Joseph Bowman, John Street who also had two other sons working on minesweepers.

1924 – Henry Gardner (62), part owner and retired Skipper of the steam drifter Acorn, died suddenly while working on a mizzen sail on the Middle pier in Anstruther.

1937 – Mr. Kelso was appointed interim headmaster of Cellardyke School, following the death of Mr. Hunter whilst on holiday at Crieff