Gallery 495 – Cellardyke – Call Out For Artists

If you are interested in exhibitibiting in Gallery 495 – Cellardyke

Gallery 495 provides an installation space in the phone box for exhibits responding to the space and site; with an environmental theme – climate change, sea, human endeavour, communication.

The space offers local artists of the East Neuk, preferably with links to Cellardyke, Kilrenny and Anstruther, an opportunity to submit proposals from which exhibits will be selected.

The Gallery/Exhibition space is always open and unlocked. Or alternatively can be viewed from outside and kept locked.

The installations will be temporary (for up to three months). It is off grid (there is no power).

Each installation will be launched with an artist’s talk/event and accompanied by an artist’s statement. This info will be shared on

The project will aim to cover artist’s material costs. There will be no fee (unless funding can be specifically sourced). It is a great opportunity to have a solo show in a pretty unique place.

If you are an interested artist, can you tell me how you would respond to this unique setting and space?

What benefit would it bring to your practice to have this opportunity to exhibit?

I am happy to meet at the Gallery to discuss possibilities. – Julia Cowie


We advise that you chat with Julia Cowie, Gallery 495 – Cellardyke, Project Coordinator, prior to any approach to exhibit.

When preparing your proposal we ask you to consider the following points

  • Environmental (Gallery 495 is sited by Cellardyke Harbour, at times this can be a damp environment, for example if a sea haar comes in, or it can be quite warm in the summer sun) please ensure that your work can sustain being in this environment for up to 3 months
  • Health and safety (The gallery is not staffed, your work must not pose any danger to the public, please take into account that there may be unaccompanied inquisitive children visiting the gallery.)
  • If your work is interactive, please ensure that it is robust and safe enough to be handled by unaccompanied children and will last the period of exhibition
  • Maintenance (any repairs and maintenance of the exhibit during the exhibition will be the artist’s responsibility unless specifically arranged otherwise.) · Should you wish, the gallery can be locked during your exhibition period so that viewing is only through the windows.
  • Installation (Secure installation of the work is the artist’s responsibility – we recommend that you visit the Gallery prior to making an application to exhibit.)
  • There is a wooden full-length backboard that works can be screwed on to
  • There are no fixings on the other two sides, should you wish to hang/ exhibit work on these sides you will need to work out a secure way of doing so.
  • Magnetic fixings can be used if the gallery is to be locked
  • We have no storage space for your exhibit’s packing materials, these will have to be removed by yourself after installation.
  • Post exhibition – you will remove all your work and all your fixings at an agreed time leaving the Gallery ready for the next artist to begin installation


Insurance  – Gallery 495 is an unstaffed public open space – Please consider this before applying. Insurance of any work is the Artists’ responsibility. The Trust will not be held responsible for any damage done to the work or loss from the Gallery.