A Belgian Skipper’s Friendship and fund raiser

From Suzanne Maddock – Daughter of Arthur Maddock the last fishing skipper of the Manx Beauty – Posted 20/10/2021

Arthur Maddock

To all at the Cellardyke Trust and to all those who have so kindly donated to the Manx Beauty Project.

I thought you may like to know a great story about my Dad’s friend, Johan Deacock.

My dad is the last skipper of the Old Manx Beauty, Arthur Maddock and his Friend Johan, a Fisherman from Ostend in Belgium, contacted me back in June to let me know about a charity event he was planning run, to raise funds for the Manx Beauty. It has been amazing connecting with Johan
and hearing the stories of his and my father’s friendship, travels and his current fishing expeditions and his job in general, he truly has a big heart and I hope I can reunite him and my father again soon.

But let’s talk about his event:

It has been difficult to arrange due to the pandemic but his event is this weekend!!

Johan is an excellent chef who owns over 300 cookbooks! and in July he created a menu that is out of this world. He has planned the menu around the type of Fish that my dad and Grandfather (skipper before my dad) would have caught in and around Wales/ Liverpool Bay. He asked questions of the type of fish, all expertly answered by my dad and I even had the pleasure on advising about my Dad’s favourite desserts, which will also be served.

The venue is The Jolly Sailor in the Fish Docks in Ostend on Sat 23rd October and the Afternoon of Sun 24th.

There are 58 people expected to attend and Johan will cook for them ALL!!

He is hiring the restaurant personally which is incredible kindness, as well as designing a placemat for the evening, and his friend devising a poem for the placemat, and his friend who is a printer has done the printing free of charge!

Johans “To Do” list for the event is frighteningly long not to mention the food list as seen here:

I know how much Johan loves my dad and this reflects that totally. The Manx Beauty continues to touch many people’s live around the world and to inspire incredible ideas that combine the Arts and the Fishing trade in many ways. I just wish I could be there this weekend to celebrate with Johan and all the kind people who will attend his special dining experience.