The Manx Beauty – Sustainabilty


” Bring back the Beauty” working group are partnering with a newly formed Charitable organisation, The Fruitful Fund  SC049900. This will help with the annual running costs of the vessel.

The Fruitful Fund’s “10p for tradition” scheme is to raise money to help protect our fishing boat heritage. This fund will distribute small grants to assist with ongoing costs of historic Scottish fishing vessels.

After year one of fund raising the grant giving will operate in two ways. Firstly “Core support” for community owned vessels offering the largest grants available to the fund and secondly Small Grants for privately owned vessels involved in community or education work.

10p for Tradition – How it works

Donors annually pay the equivalent of only 10p per week i.e £5.20 per year, or £36.50 for businesses ( 10p per day.) This annual sum is small enough not to put any strain on an individual donor’s finances.

The fund is not reliant on large donors but many small donations. If one person decides to stop donating it will not affect the grant giving ability of the fund.

Prize Draw

In addition to supporting the trust each £5.20 donor’s name is entered in a prize draw. Two artists have donated works to the draw in this first year, Richard Wemyss, who has donated his “Cellardyke Fisher Lass” and Malk Spratt , ” Findhorn Beach II”

The Cellardyke Fisher Lass
Findhorn Beach II

The Fund’s ability to give grants-

When 10 people donate to the fund – this raises the equivalent of a grant for antifouling paint for one boat. When 200 people donate, this is the equivalent of harbour dues, thereby diverting owners from the need to annually fund raise just to keep the vessel afloat leaving them free to fund raise for worthwhile projects.

The community owned Manx Beauty will be the first core funded vessel of the fund. The first year of the Fruitful Fund’s grant awards is 2021-2022, by the time the Manx Beauty is ready to go back in the water, approx 2023-2024, the fund will have had several years fund raising behind it.

This partnership with the Fruitful Fund is a major step towards ensuring that the Manx Beauty’s ongoing costs are covered.

To donate to The Fruitful Fund email –

Link To – The Fruitful Fund Facebook Page