Exhibition – Belonging Cellardyke and Kilrenny

The following pages contain an exhibition that we wished to curate for the 2020 Sea Queen Festival however it was until the 2023 festival that it was able to be completed and shown due to the pandemic and other issues. It was displayed in windows along Shore street in Cellardyke

The majority of the researchers were guests an their names appear on each page.

The idea of the exhibition was to show some of the amazing things Dykers went on to do when they left the town but also to show that there is just as much “value” given by those moving into the town and new Dykers are as much part of the community as those who have lived here generations. Many of the families that have been here over three generations were new Dykers in the 19th and 20th C and came here to work and input to the community. We continue to welcome new Dykers to our town.

The selection of subjects was arbitrary depending on what our researchers could achieve , if there has been anyone missed out that has made a good impression on the town, our apologies. The word count was limited to ensure that we could fit the display boards into the window. Each person’s biography deserves to be significantly longer, however this format suited our exhibition.

There is one page for each subject in no particular order, labelled “Exported” (E) and then “Imported” (I) Dyker

  1. This introductory page and index
  2. Alexander Cunningham (E)
  3. David Tod (I)
  4. Captain Alexander Rodger (E)
  5. The Montadors (I)
  6. David Fowler (E)
  7. Glenn Jones (I)
  8. David Murray (E)
  9. Bill Cathcart (I)
  10. George and David Williamson (E)
  11. Chris Mackenzie (I)
  12. George Fowler (E)
  13. Margaret Hughes (I)
  14. John Williamson (E)
  15. Rodger McAslan (I)
  16. Lilias Scott and John Salter Watson (E)
  17. Robert Fowler (E)
  18. Stephen Williamson (E)
  19. Walter Hughes (E)