The Cellardyke Echo – 29/6/2016


The Cellardyke Fishermen’s Union – a society formed just three years ago with the laudable object to ailment sick and aged members, but more especially to provide for the widows and orphans of those who might suffer in the only too recurring disasters at sea. The contributions are fixed at ‘tippence a week’ the funds accruing from which, amounting at this date to £524, are deposited, in special or current amount, with the bank for the purpose of the society, the expenditure of which last year amounted to £90, leaving a clear gain on the transactions of this period to little less than 200 Guineas . But this is not all, A sum of £600 arising from a bazaar and a donation of £100 from a public spirited native, Mr George S Fowler, with a like sum from Walter S Hughes whose early years are entwined with the town, is invested as a kind of reserve fund, this making the total assets of the society not less than £1124.

Yesterday the employees of Mr Martin, oil clothing manufacturer, Cellardyke, had an excursion to Kirkcaldy, and, notwithstanding the rain enjoyed themselves pretty well. Coming off their machines at Dysart, they visited the bazaar and after spending some little time and money there, they came on to Kirkcaldy, and had tea in Mr Morrison’s hall, where a pleasant hour was spent. After viewing the ‘Lions’ they took the route homeward in the evening.


Anstruther – a united service was held in parish church at noon and was taken part in by all denominations. About a hundred labourers engaged in laying the pipes through the streets for the water were treated to dinner in the town hall, while nearly eighty poor people received a quantity of tea and sugar for the occasion. The poor people of Cellardyke Parish Church were supplied, through the generosity of Mr Oliphant, with a sixpenny pie and a two shilling piece. In the evening illuminations were lit at different places along the East Neuk. On Wednesday the children attending the various schools were treated to an excursion.


Boat for sale – Carvel built; KY 1197, length 45ft, belonging to the late Duncan McRuvie. Apply to Stephen Barclay, 17 John Street, Cellardyke.


The following names appear in the return of deaths of seamen reported to the register general of shipping during the month of May ….  William Motion, (42) fisherman,  Cellardyke who was washed overboard from the Providence by the heavy sea while at the pump on 16th May the vessel being then about 100 miles to the Eastward of May island……


The following names appear in the return of deaths of seamen reported to the register general of shipping during the month of May ….  John Montador, second mate on board the ship Forthbank, a native of Cellardyke, died from yellow fever at Santos on 22nd April last.

At Dundee local Marine board examination last week, the following students prepared at the government Navigation School Dundee, by Captains Wood and Low have been successful in passing … Mr David Burd Pittenweem and Mr Robert Muir, Cellardyke, as second mates.


Aberdeen navigation School Board of Trade passes … First mate John Montador Cellardyke..


Sudden death – On returning home from church on Sunday afternoon, Mr Andrew Ireland, Cellardyke suddenly expired. He was in his 88th year. He was a joiner to trade and had been in business for more than 60 years in Cellardyke.

Sherriff Armour, Cupar yesterday issued judgement in the slander action for £100 raised by Mrs Paton, Blacklaws, Anstruther with the consent and concurrence of John Paton Jnr, farmer,  against William Smith, Fisherman, residing at Cellardyke. His lordship finds it proved on the occasion set forth in the record the defender slandered the pursuer by falsely and maliciously representing that her eldest son was born befor marriage. He finds that the pursuer is entitled to £20.


The Pioneer, the Cellardyke fishing boat which has been fitted with the ‘Don’ motor made her trial trip on Thursday, and with a choppy sea and light wind made good progress steaming about 5 knots an hour. In the course of her trial, the boat went close to some fishing smacks, and the crews of these vessels were much amazed to see a fishing boat making good headway with no sails set, and as far as they could see, none of the usual gear associated with a trawler or drifter. Surprise got the better of one of the skippers who left the wheel and called the crew on deck to witness the strange sight of a craft of this kind moving through the water without any visible means of propulsion.

The boat left on Saturday morning for London where she will be inspected by the Secretary of State for Scotland and members of parliament who are interesting themselves in the experiment, her departure for the South was witnessed by a large number of local fishermen, and favourable comments were made on the appearance of the boat and speed obtained.


Of the two cases of spotted fever in East Fife which have been under treatment in the District infectious Diseases Hospital at Ovenstone since May last, one of them a boy named Gourlay aged 5 ½ years old from Cellardyke succumbed to the attack on Saturday evening. The other boy named Patrick from Anstruther is still under treatment.

There was launched from the shipbuilding yard of Mr William Geddes Portgordon on Saturday a finely modelled fishing steamer for Mr Henry Bett, Cellardyke. The vessel was Christened Alice by the owner’s daughter. The Alice will be towed to Dundee to have compound engines fitted and machinery installed by Messrs Cooper and Grieg, Dundee.

A fatal accident occurred on the railway on Saturday morning between Anstruther and Crail. A goods train which leaves Anstruther at nine 0 clock reported on arriving at Crail running over a man at Innergellie woods, Kilrenny. Medical aid was sent but life was found to be extinct. The body was identified as that of Robert Murray, fisherman, 50 years of age , residing at Cellardyke. Deceased had been in depressed spirits of late. He leaves a widow and grown up family.

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