The Cellardyke Echo – 13/7/2016


Wick, an average of 12 crans was landed today by 200 Drifters. The fishing grounds were 33 – 37 miles ESE and 70 Miles E from wick, Quality was good and prices were high ranging from 39s – 42s 6d per cran.. The best shot was from the Cellardyke Drifter Evening Star 100 crans.


The following pupils of Cellardyke School have passed the control examination for admission to Waid Academy.

Helen Ballingal, Jemima Boyter, Allison Gourlay, John Horsburgh, Bertie Keay, Charles Laird, Bertie Lothian, Alex Morton, William Myles, Alex Parker, Margaret Pratt, Marjorie pert, Bertie Pringle, John Rodger, Chrissie Scott, David Smith (a), James Stevenson, Betty Tait and Fergus Watson.

A petition from Mr Williamson, Williamson Street, Cellardyke and a number of other ratepayers was submitted to Anstruther Town Council.

The petitioners regretted the action of the council in changing the name of the stretch of road between Toll Rd and Tollbooth Wynd, and so doing away with the named Williamson Street.

 The letter referred to what Mr Williamson’s father, Mr Robert Williamson had done for the town in the way of building houses. It was felt that his name should be retained.

The outcome of a long discussion on the matter was to name the whole stretch Toll Rd and have Williamson Street changed to Williamson Place which would be within Toll Rd.


A collision occurred last night at the junction of the service road leading from Balcarres Mains, on the Colinsburgh – Pittenweem Rd, between a push cycle ridden by Alexander Anderson, 24 Roger Street Cellardyke, and a Motor car driven by Miss Stevenson, Bonerbo farm.

The Cyclist received slight injuries but was able to be conveyed home. His bicycle was damaged. Miss Stevenson and her car escaped injury.

Cellardyke Improvements Committee realised about £30 at their sale of work which was opened by bailie Mitchell. The Stall holders were. Mrs Gardner, Mrs Sutherland, Mrs Laing, Miss Williamson, Miss C Smith and Mrs James Bett. Tea – Mrs Hosie, Mrs Swinton Lucky Dip – Councillor Laing. Houp –la – Messrs Motion and Myles.. Darts- Messrs Brown and Sutherland. Rolling Pennies Messrs Wilson and Stewart.

Fancy Dress Prize winner’s parade

Best Dressed lady – Miss Wood. Most comical – Miss A Watson, Most Original – Mrs Quiripel,

Best Dressed gentleman – Mr Andrew Hosie, Most original –Mr R Thomson, most comical – Mr D Scott

Best dressed girl – Miss Jessie Myles, Original – Miss Margaret Watson, Comical – Miss Betty Gardner,

Best dressed Boy – Fergus Bowman, Original James Martin, Comical – Alex Keay

90 Entries were received in a baby show organised by Cellardyke improvements Committee at the town’s green – Judges Nurse Andrews, Strathkinness and Nurse Anderson largo awarded the following prizes.. 1-6 months Eileen Anderson/ David Mayes… 6-12 months Irene Anderson/Tom Reilly… 12 months -2 years Neilena McLeod/ John Muir.. Twins Greta and Ena Matheson and champion of the show… David Mayes.


2000 spectators witnessed the launch of Provost W W Carstairs new Diesel engine drifter at Cellardyke on Monday afternoon. The vessel which was launched broadside on is a new type of drifter with cruiser stern. Her appliances include an electric capstan, and electric light is fitted throughout. She is 69feet overall with 18ft 3 inch beam and 8ft draught. She was named the Royal Sovereign by Mrs Hogarth wife of George Hogarth, chairman of the Scottish Fisheries Board of which Provost Carstairs is a member.

In the reading room of Cellardyke town hall Provost Carstairs presented Mrs Hogarth with a crystal salad bowl as a memento of the occasion.


A Cellardyke fisherman engaged at the Fraserburgh herring fishing died with tragic suddenness at sea on Tuesday evening.

David Christie Senior, aged 60 was at work in the hold of the motor boat Good Hope KY165, then 25 miles NE by N from Fraserburgh, when he suddenly collapsed and died.

The boats nets were cut adrift and the vessel made for Fraserburgh at full speed. Dr Wilson certified that death was due to natural causes. Mr Christie is survived by his wife and grown up family of three.

Before leaving the fishing ground the Good hope hailed the Fraserburgh drifter Briar and requested the crew to haul the nets of the Good Hope.

Several days later

The Funeral of Mr David Christie, 26 Roger Street who was chief coxswain of the Anstruther lifeboat took place in the New cemetery Anstruther at the weekend and was attended by many mourners.

Walking beside the hearse were eight lifeboatmen clad in blue jackets and jerseys. With their lifebelts tied round their breasts,

They bore the coffin from the cemetery gate to the graveside where the service was conducted by the Rev James R Lee.

Pall bearers were Messrs David Christie, Cellardyke, (Son) Andrew Fyall, St Monance, (Son in law). James Chalmers, Alloa, Charles Grieve, Dundee, Adam Reid and James Wallace, Cellardyke 9Brothers in law) Robert Watson, Dalmuir (Nephew) and Andrew Christie, Cellardyke, Cousin.

The lifeboat men included D Fenton, Chief Coxswain, St. Andrews. A Wood, Second Coxswain Anstruther, T Peebles mechanic, R Cuthbert assistant mechanic. A Moncrieff, P Anderson, T Ritchie and A McKay.

Mr Christie was for 40 years a member of Anstruther lifeboat crew, acting for many years as bowman and for 5 years as Chief Coxswain.

He was awarded the DSM during the war for the leading part he took in sinking a German Submarine in the Irish Channel on April 30th 1918.

At that time he was with the crew of the Steam Drifter Coreopsis, which was engaged in patrol work. Despite the fact the drifter carried only one gun, the crew boldly tackled the U boat and after registering a direct hit, took the German crew prisoner.

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