The Cellardyke Echo – 8/4/2021 – Issue 281


RESIGNATION OF THE PARISH CHURCH ORGANIST.—Mr Pattison, the organist of the Parish Church, has sent in his resignation on account of want of time to attend the practisings. A successor is being advertised for.

The measles continue to spread, and a number of new cases have broken out this week. Kilrenny School was closed for a week on Friday, the attendance having been affected to a slight extent by the epidemic. So far there has only been one fatal case in Cellardyke, one little girl having died last week with it.

Last Friday evening, while a young boy, the only son of Mr Downey, George Street, was playing at the harbour, be fell over the pier on to the concrete. He seems to have been unconscious for some time before he was discovered. On being taken home, and medical assistance procured, it was found that he had sustained concussion of the brain, but no outward wound. He remained unconscious for some time, but gradually recovered, and is now all right again.

The annual social meeting of those attending the bible class and prayer meeting in connection with the Parish Church, took place on Thursday evening of last week in the Town Hall. There was a very large gathering present, the hall being well filled. After an excellent tea, the Rev. James Ray delivered a short address, in which he stated that the subjects of study at the bible clams meetings during the winter were the books of Esther, Ruth, and Jonah, and that a pleasing feature of the session was the presence of a larger number of the young men of the congregation than they had had for some years back. The busy winter fishing and other causes had latterly hurt the attendance at the prayer meeting, but on the whole he had great reason to be thankful, and his earnest prayer was that God would bless his labours among them. Thereafter a long programme was proceeded with. The bible class choir, under the able leadership of Mr John Hepburn, rendered several part songs with much taste and fine expression.


The annual Licensing Court was held on Tuesday at 11 o’clock forenoon—Provost Thomson and Bailie Butters presiding. The Clerk read a hates from Inspector Maiden, St Andrews, reporting that he had made a careful inspection of the licensed premises in the burgh. Those of Mrs Gardiner, John Street, consist of a dwelling house of 2 rooms about 12 feet square, with a fixed bed in each room, and a washing house and cellar underneath, which could be reached by a hatch door in one of the rooms and by a trap door from the lobby. He found no groceries, and Mrs Gardiner informed him that she had not kept any groceries for several years. The excisable liquors in the house comprised 7 pints of porter, 12 pints of beer, several bottles of whisky, and a jar containing a small quantity of whisky. A son and daughter reside with her. The continuing of this license when no pretence was made to carry on the business of a grocer or general dealer called for the serious consideration of the Magistrates.

Mrs Gardiner was asked what she had to say to the remarks of the Inspector, and replied that she did not keep groceries, and lived in the house where she sold her liquor.

The Provost —The Magistrates, including Bailie Williamson, who is unable to be present, have considered this report, and are unanimous in deciding that unless you make such alterations on your house as will meet the requirements of the Court, and also keep groceries, your license will be withdrawn.

Mrs Gardiner said it was as old house, and was not worth repairing. She had been in it 6 years, and no alteration made in that time.

The Provost- It is quite out of place to have a dwelling house used as licensed premises, and it is for you to say whether you are to agree to make the necessary alterations.

Bailie Butters – l suppose we cannot grant the license to be used as a dwelling house at the same time as a licensed house.

The Provost – No, it must be pure and simple a shop where the business is carried on. The dwelling house may be above, but you cannot occupy the premises used as a place of business as a dwelling house. It becomes a question whether the house is to be repaired or her license renewed.

Bailie Butters – She would require to gut out the place downstairs, and fit is up in a modern style. As Mrs Gardiner said she could not alter her premises and would not keep groceries the license was withdrawn.

She then left the Court, but shortly afterwards returned and said she could make arrangements for living upstairs, but she could not make any alterations or keep groceries.

Bailie Butters – Without the alterations the premises would not be suitable.

The Provost— In addition you must keep groceries. As she would not make this promise, the Magistrates adhered to their decision. The other four licenses, one public house and three licensed grocers, were renewed, the report of the Inspector being of a very satisfactory character.


The boys of this Company were dismissed for the session on Tuesday night. It was decided that the annual trip would take place next month if forty or more boys expressed their willingness to attend. There are 49 boys on the roll and on Tuesday night 22 were present.

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that any DOGS found straying in Fowler’ Park, Back of Cellardyke, will be SHOT. This has been rendered absolutely necessary on account of Sheep having been worried.




CELLARDYKE AND CRAIL MEN DROWNED. Sheriff Armour and jury at Cupar to-day heard evidence in two fatal accident inquiries, one on the sinking of a fishing boat in the North Sea by H.M.S. Speedwell. This was the first case, and the evidence led showed that Robert Smith, fisherman, 43 James Street, Cellardyke, Anstruther, while engaged fishing miles east of Crail in the boat Cornucopia, of Cellardyke, about four o’clock the morning of Saturday, February, was accidentally drowned in consequence of the boat having been run into and sunk by His Majesty’s ship Speedwell. The second inquiry was connection with the death Andrew Cunningham, junior, fisherman, 34 Shoregate, Crail, who was accidentally drowned while fishing on board the fishing boat Ten Brothers, of Crail, the Firth of Forth, half a mile from the harbour at Crail. He was accidentally washed overboard by a wave which passed over the boat. In both cases formal verdicts were returned.


Major Scott Davidson of Cairnie inspected the Cellardyke Boys Brigade on Friday night last week, and was made the recipient of a silver cigarette case by the Brigade for the kindness be had shown them.

Mr John Mackay, Cellardyke, has been appointed skipper of the motor boat Pioneer, which is again been fitted out for the herring fishing on the west coast at Barra, to which she is to sail at the beginning of next month.

FOR Sale, the YAWL, 18 feet long, the Glanner, lying on Slip at Cellardyke Harbour. The Boat and Fittings are all in good order. Apply to ROBIRT WEBSTER 34 Rodger Street, Cellardyke.


The trial trip of the steam drifter The Maggies, belonging to the Messrs Gardner Cellardyke, took place from Anstruther on Monday afternoon when a crowd of 200 people had sail round the May Island and Bass Rock. The drifter maintained speed of ten knots, and the owners were highly delighted with her.

Launch at Anstruther.- Mr Miller yesterday afternoon launched a steam drifter to the order Skipper George Anderson, Cellardyke. This is the fifth vessel launched since last August, and another three are to be built. The drifter was named the Integrity by a niece of the owner. The dimensions are the same as the others – 85 feet length, 18 feet beam, and depth of hold 9 feet. The engines are being made by Messrs Cran, Leith.

The annual treat of the old people of the town took place in the Town Hall on Saturday night, there being a very large attendance. The gathering was under the auspices of five Associations, the Young Men’s Christian Association, Gospel Temperance, Good Templars, and the Christian Endeavours of the Parish and Baptist Church.


At North Shields on Monday, the Smiths’ Dock Co., Ltd., launched a steel drifter to the order of John Gardner (Ritchie), Cellardyke. The drifter which is built to 100 A1 at Lloyds, is 82 ft. keel, by 18 ft. 6 ins. beam, and 9 ft. 6 ins. moulded depth. She is designed for the line and herring fishings, and is fitted up with all the latest improvements. The boat presents a handsome model, and, on leaving the slip, was gracefully christened the “Lily and Maggie ” by Miss Elsie Harvey, adopted daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur M. Reid, North Shields. The drifter is expected to be engined and ready for sea in about ten days’ time.

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