The Cellardyke Echo – 23/09/2021 – Issue 306


There will be Sold by Private Bargain, ALL and WHOLE these TWO DWELLING-HOUSES, CLOSE, and SMALL HOUSE and CORNER STANCE, which belonged to the late Mrs Mary Henderson, and situated on the south side of the Street of Cellardyke, and immediately to the west of Mr John Gilchrist’s Property. This is a most desirable Property, both in point of extent and central position, and will be Sold either in Whole or in the following Lots, viz.:-

1st, The Eastmost House of Two Flats, and Garden behind.

2nd, The Westmost House of Two Flats, and Buildings behind the same.

3rd, The Close or Yard, laid with Pavement, and entering from the Tolbooth Wynd.

4th, The Small House, Stable, and Shed, opposite the Town House.

Lots 2 and 3 are well suited, and indeed fitted up, for a Fishcuring Yard. Lot 3 would by itself make an excellent Site fronting to the Tolbooth Wynd. Lot 4 is the best Site in Cellardyke on which to build a good House and Shops fronting either to the Street or Wynd, or both. Offers for the whole, or separately, will be received by Messrs SMITH & COOK, or PHILIP OLIPHANT, Writers, A Anstruther, ‘twixt and 7th October, and from either of whom all necessary information will be obtained. Anstruther, 22nd September 1871.

On Saturday last, before Provost Martin and Bailie Sharp, Robert Murray, fisherman, and William Murray, his son, were charged with assault and breach of the peace committed on the 14th July last, they having then left for the fishing in the north. They both pled not guilty, but on evidence being led the charges were found proven, and they were sentenced to pay a fine of 6d each, with the alternative of eight days in prison. The fines were paid. The cases were tried separately. During the trial and at the close great disturbances was manifested in court by some relatives of the accused interrupting the proceedings and maintaining that justice was not being administered. Provost Martin endeavoured to still the tumult, by threatening to clear the court, and the policemen also announced that if the interruption was persisted in he would apprehend some of them for contempt of court. This had little or no effect, and quietness was only restored by the Magistrates leaving the court at the close of the trial. The hall was quite crowded, and great commotion and disorder prevailed the whole time. It is probable that some of the ringleaders will be apprehended for contempt of court.


A concert under the auspices of the Thistle Lodge of Oddfellows came off in the Sessional School-room, East Green, on Friday evening last. Mr Millar, boat builder, M.N.G., Cellardyke, occupied the chair. The programme embraced songs, glees. &c., which were rendered in excellent style by Messrs W. B. Watterston, A. J. Stevenson, William Binning„ James Peebles, and George Peebles, Anstruther ; Mr John Pratt, Cellardyke; Miss Wallace, Lundin Mill; and Mr Welch, Largo. The proceeds of the concert are to be devoted to a benevolent purpose, and we are glad to learn that a goodly sum was realised.

On Monday, an accident occurred to Mr Noble, the engineer of the engine belonging to Messrs Gilchrist Son, which happily did not turnout so serious as was first anticipated. The engine had been taken to Cellardyke for the purpose of hauling up the boats, and the van in connection with the engine —which is used as a bothy by the men—was being placed close up to the paling near to Mr Cormack’s dwelling house. Mr Noble was at the time standing at the paling when the van was driven up against him, and he was pinned up against the paling, which fortunately gave way, or the consequences would have been very serious. As it was it was found necessary to procure medical aid, and Mr Noble was conveyed home, where he is now recovering.

Rise in the Price of Gas.—The Directors of the Anstruther and Cellardyke Gas Company consideration of the advance on the price of coals, have resolved to raise the price of gas from 6s 8d to 8s 4d the 1000 feet. The high profits of this Company have long led to much public dissatisfaction, and this step, we hear, has induced some leading gentlemen to consider the possibility of starting new concern, and taking public feeling into account, such an idea may not be without some practical results


CELLARDYKE. CONVICTION TOR ASSAULT.-At a Burgh Court held here on Monday—Provost Martin and Bailie Watson on the bench—David Spittal, shoemaker, Anstruther-Easter, was charged with the crime of assault, in so far as, upon Saturday the 6th instant, between 6 and 8 o’clock evening, and upon the public street opposite the house occupied by Alexander Myles, carter, he did wickedly and feloniously assault David Murray, merchant, residing in Anstruther – Easter, by striking him several blows with his clenched whereby his head was cut, and did conduct himself in a riotous and disorderly manner, and used threatening language towards the said David Murray, whereby he was put into a state of alarm. The panel pled guilty, and was sentenced to pay a tine of 15s, with the alternative of fifteen days’ imprisonment.


The number of boats belonging to the district that are to be engaged in the herring fishing at Yarmouth is this year considerably more than last year. From Cellardyke alone, 50 boats go to England, while Pittenweem and St Monance will furnish nearly as many more. One of the St Monance boats left in the end of last week and arrived safely on Sabbath, and on Wednesday one of the Cellardyke boats left. A good many more left on Tuesday, but the weather was not favourable. Yesterday, however, a considerable number of boats left the harbour here, and by next week the whole fleet will have departed. As a consequence of so many boats going to Yarmouth, the number left at home to prosecute the haddock fishing will not much exceed half a dozen, and the crew of these have already started on their first trip to sea.

KILRENNY SCHOOL BOARD.-This board met on Friday evening –  -Rev. G. Smith presiding. Miss

Janet W Lawrie, Davidson’s Mains, Edinburgh, was appointed teacher of the Cellardyke Female School, at a salary of £17 10s, together with the school fees and Government grants. The salary of the teacher of Cellardyke Infant School was raised to the same amount. The income of the board for last year was stated to be £265 15s 4½d, and the expenditure £285 15s 2½ d.

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