The Cellardyke Echo – 15/20/2021 – Issue 309


Anstruther Harbour Commissioners – The Clerk reported that he had written to the several parties about their boats lying on the harbour as wrecks, and warning them if they were not removed within seven days they would be sold by the commissioners. A letter had been received from Thomas Elder, Pittenweem, saying he was very sorry to have a boat lying in Anstruther as a wreck, and that they must make the best of her. As for the £5 of rate due he was unable to pay them. The Clerk further reported that a letter had also been sent to William Gardner Cellardyke, who was at the south, but no reply had been received from him. It was agreed to dispose of the two boats by auction.

During the week two Cellardyke boats have arrived from Scarborough, where they have had very fair fishing. A steam liner has been fitted sip for a Cellardyke skipper to fish in the North Sea with ink bait for big fish. A quantity of ling and cod were landed yesterday, and sold at good prices. The crews who have been at Scarborough are to prosecute the haddock fishing.


About six o’clock on Wednesday morning, as Charles Tulloch, labourer, residing in Lodge Walk, was walking along the south bank of the River Dee, he discovered the dead body of a man lying in foot of water about fifty yards south of the Victoria Bridge. The body was at once removed to the Police Office, Torry, where it was identified as that of David Corstorphine (50), a fisherman belonging to Cellardyke. The previous night the unfortunate man had been in town along with some companions, and it is supposed he had been returning to his lodgings at Torry along the river bank, when owing the slippery nature of the ground he had missed his footing and fallen in, and bad been unable to extricate himself from the mud. The deceased came to town about a fortnight ago, and had been engaged as a fisherman on board steam fishing boat. Robertson, on examining the body, found that life had been extinct for some hours.

H.R.H. Princess Louise while on her way to Kellie Castle on Friday, stopped at Anstruther for some time, and visited some of the principal places of Interest. The party attracted little attention, and although many inquiring glances were cast at them, they were not recognised. They visited a local watchmaker’s, and purchased a watch on account of the interesting story attached to it. A native of Cellardyke acted as steward on Lord Nelson’s flagship. Something went wrong with the galley-clock, and Nelson gave him this watch to keep things right. It has remained in the family for some time, but came Into Mr Lumsden’s possession latterly, and in answer to the inquiries of the party, he produced it, and they eagerly bought it.


Early on Sunday morning the joists of a house in James Street, Cellardyke, were found to be on fire. The brigade was called out, and the flames extinguished without difficulty. A neighbouring chimney had been on fire the preceding night, and the flames had smouldered till the smoke alarmed the inmates. Little damage was done.

Although this is Pittenweem It relates to Cellardyke Families

On Tuesday morning, Mr Robert Williamson, late senior partner of the arm of R. Williamson Son, plasterers died at his residence at Croft Cottage’.  Deceased, who mime from Kennoway over 30 years ago, started business here, and soon gained a wide connection even beyond this district, retiring a few years ago in favour of his second son, Treasurer Williamson, while his third son, Bailie Williamson, Cellardyke, carries on a similar business there. On the 2nd of this month he passed his 88th year, while had he lived another day he would along with his wife, who survives him, have attained the 60th year of married life. Along with his widow be has left five sons and three daughters.

At the Anstruther Burgh Court on Monday—all the magistrates on the bench—David Ross, fish cadger, Cellardyke, was charged with committing a breach of the peace and assaulting both Police Sergeant Gold and P.-C. Wright at the harbour head. He pled guilty, and after a few remarks on the frequency with which the police were assaulted while in the discharge of their duty, he was fined 12s 6d or 14 days.


PRIMINTAITION AT ADELAIDE -The employees of Messrs D. & J. Fowler last month pre-presented Mr Peter Sharp, a native of Cellardyke, whose connection with the firm extending over a period of 27 years has just been severed by his entering into business on his own account, with a handsome tea and coffee service as a parting gift.


THE FISHING AT ISLAY – The weather being fine all last week the boats were permitted to be at sea every night. On Tuesday the fishing was light, but on Wednesday and Thursday the takes were moderate. Some of the Moray Firth boats had as high as from 60 to 70 baskets a shot. A few of the Cellardyke boats had also good takes, the highest being the Silver Cup, Skipper William Watson, who had 90 baskets., and the Beautiful Star next with 60 baskets for the week. The fishing on Saturday was entirely blank. The prices during the week ranged from 1s 6d to 4s 6d per basket.

The Anstruther Harbour Commission Committee reported that they had examined the surface of the east and middle piers, and recommended that estimates be taken from Mr Williamson Cellardyke, for the work. The Treasurer mentioned that Mr Williamson had called on him and said there was so little to do to the east pier that it was not worth an estimate. The work had been done. He had received an estimate from him as to the work on the middle pier in front of the harbourmaster’s office. He offered to dig out from the surface nine feet, put a bottom of broken stones five feet, and fill the rest with cement with granite top at the rate of 3s 4d per yard, and to uphold the work for six months. The estimate accepted. The Clerk reported that the work taking down the old house at the top of the east pier and rebuilding the wall was approaching completion.

West Anstruther

The work of laying the concrete in the Town Hall footpath is in course of being completed by Bailie Williamson, Cellardyke, and will be finished this week. In order to make the improvement more complete, the heritors have this week consented to extend the enclosed railing at the church on to the church yard gate, and have given a donation of £3 towards the expense. The result will now be a nice foot pavement from the south side of the Bridge on to the Town Hail corner, and people will be able to walk on both sides of the street in comfort.

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