The Cellardyke Echo – 4/11/2021 – Issue 312


JOHN GILCHRIST begs to intimate to the Inhabitants of the district that, having resolved to discontinue the Grocery department of his Business, he disposed of the Cellardyke Business to Mr JOHN BUTTERS and of the Anstruther Business to Mr CHAS. ROBERTSON; and as both of these persons have been a number of years in his employment, he can confidently recommend them as having a thorough knowledge of their business. He trusts that his old customers will give them as liberal a share of their patronage as he himself so long enjoyed.

J. G. is still keeping on the Boots and Shoe Department in his present Shop usual in Cellardyke.

JOHN BUTTERS, with reference to the above, begs to intimate that, as he is resolved to keep a FRESH and WELL-SELECTED STOCK of GROCERIES, IRONMONOGERY, &c., and to Sell on a Small Ready-Money Profit, he trusts to merit that support so long enjoyed by Mr Gilchrist, Cellardyke, 4th November 1875.

POLICE CONSTABLE GORDON is to remove from Cellardyke next week to join the force in Kirkcaldy. He petitioned for a removal on account of being frequently subjected to attacks from some persons when going his rounds late at night. Police-constable Black has been removed from Dunfermline to Anstruther; and a constable for Cellardyke is to be appointed in a few days.


On Saturday morning a married woman named Leslie, wife of Wm. Leslie, John Street, and Cellardyke committed suicide by hanging herself. It appears that about nine o’clock Mrs Leslie had gone to the back premises, and on her daughter going to feed the hens, she was horrified to see the body of her mother suspended from the roof of the henhouse. Her father had been confined to bed by illness for some days, but on hearing the sad news he immediately rose and had the body conveyed into the house, but by that time life was found to be quite extinct. Mr Leslie is well known and respected in the district, and much sympathy is felt for him in his affliction.


THE Cellardyke boats fishing at Lowestoft and Yarmouth are all expected home before the end of this month. So far as we can learn, the crews have not been so successful as last year, the highest reported being Skipper George Barclay with £200.


At St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Westbourne Grove Terrace, London, on the 10th ultimo. by the Rev. Dr Morison, JAMES ROBERT CORPE, of Moonta, Sooth Australia, to THOMASINA HUGHES ROBERTSON, of No. 3 St Stephen’s Square, Westbourne Park, and only daughter of Captain Robertson, Cellardyke. and niece of W. W. Hughes, Esq., Wallaroo, South Australia.


The herring fishing at Lowestoft and Yarmouth this season is being attended with melancholy accidents to some of our local fishermen. Only a fortnight ago we reported the drowning off Lowestoft of Andrew Lyall, a native of Cellardyke, and this week we have to add other two to the list of those who have lost their lives since the boats left here in the end of September……

Distressing intelligence was received in the end of the week that Anstruther sailor, named John Duff one of the crew of the Cellardyke herring boat belonging to James-Tarvit, now fishing at Yarmouth, had been accidentally drowned in the river. The unfortunate man was last seen alive on Monday week, when there is every reason to believe that while walking along the quay – a stranger the darkness – he had stumbled into the water when no one was near. Failing to return, the crew instituted search far and near, but his disappearance remained a mystery till Thursday, when an urchin fishing in the river dragged his lifeless body the surface in pulling home his line. John Duff was about forty-five years of age, and has left a widow West Anstruther to bewail loss.

Yesterday a telegram was received at Anstruther intimating that Alexander Watson, owner and master of the Cellardyke fishing boat Star, had that morning been washed overboard and drowned off Lowestoft. The deceased, who was about 50 years of age, leaves widow and five young children. This the third Cellardyke fisherman drowned since the boats left Anstruther for Lowestoft and Yarmouth six weeks ago.

Same incident

Scotch Fisherman Drowned.— Alexander Watson, aged 42, while steering near Corton sands Tuesday morning, was washed overboard by a heavy sea. Efforts were made by the crew to rescue the unfortunate man (who swam for some time), but without success. The deceased, who has left widow and family, belonged to Cellardyke, and was master the fishing boat Polar Star. Five pounds reward is offered for the recovery and delivery of the body Lowestoft. ( Reports were that he was knocked over board by the tiller)


BOOT AND SHOEMAKING. RAMSAY & MOTION RESPECTFULLY intimate to the Inhabitants of CELLARDYKE and Neighbourhood that they have commenced the above BUSINESS in all its Branches, in 39 GEORGE STREET, CELLARDYKE, Where by strict attention to Business, and Moderate Charges, they trust to merit a share of Public Favour.

ENGAGEMENTS FOR CRAB AND LOBSTER FISHERY. —Thus early contracts are being entered into between fisher and merchant for the ensuing crab and lobster season. The last had not been an unprofitable one to the latter, at least we may infer so front the advance in prices. Mr Robert Melville, of Cellardyke, who holds a leading place on the piers of Crail, has engaged his crews there as follows : Crab or partans, 1s 10d a dozen; lobsters, 1s each till, and 6d after, the 15th of May, with a sovereign for “aries.” Mr Commack, on the other hand, alters the conditions, so as to allow 2s the dozen for crab; but he follows Mr Melville in the figure for lobsters, and merely gives a shilling or two by way of earnest money. Several of our local fishers, we hear, are holding back; but the above rates will presumably be the staple price of the season in the East Neuk of Fife.

(according to one inflation calculator 1 shilling per lobster is about £6.53 today)

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