The Cellardyke Echo – 30/6/2022 – Issue 345


The wife of a fisherman residing in Rodger Street, Cellardyke, gave birth to triplets, all sons, on Tuesday, but the children only survived an hour.

PARISH CHURCH—RECENT GUILD COMPETITION. —Five girls belonging to Rev. Mr Ray’s Junior Bible Class competed in the recent Guild examination in connection with the Church of Scotland. The results have just come to hand, from which it appeared that the girls have done better than was stated in the “Record” a few weeks ago. Not only have all the girls won certificates, but one of them has so distinguished herself as to receive a certificate of merit. The names of the girls are: — Certificate of Merit – Maggie Muir, 67 ½ per cent. Pass Certificates—Jemima Corstorphine 61 per cent; Maggie Gardner 58 ½ per cent; Betsy McLeod 52 per cent; and Lizzy Bett 42 per cent.


The accounts of the Anstruther and Cellardyke Gas Company for the year have been published, and show a record year. Nearly eleven million cubic feet of gas was sold. and brought in an income of £2065 5s 6d, the net profit for the year being £669 17s 6d. A dividend of 5 per cent. is recommended.


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SERIOUS ACCIDENT. – An accident attended with very serious consequences took place last Thursday afternoon in one of the backyards off James Street. Mrs John Fleming was engaged in hanging out some fishing nets belonging to her husband on the gallows, which are so prominent a feature of Cellardyke gardens, when the rung of the ladder on which she was standing broke, and she was precipitated to the ground. Her cry as she fell brought a neighbour to the scene, and Mrs Fleming was found lying huddled up between the wall and the gallows, quite unconscious. She was taken indoors and medical assistance speedily procured, when her injuries were found to consist of a severely fractured skull and dislocation of the shoulder bone. Although a week since the unfortunate accident. Mrs Fleming’s condition is still highly precarious.


A new steam drifter was launched at Port Gordon last Saturday, to the order of Skipper Henry Bett, Cellardyke, and christened the Alices by a daughter of the owner. The Alices is to be towed to Dundee to engined by Messrs Cooper and Greig.

Price of Nets Raised. —The net manufacturers have just intimated to the merchants that the price of herring nets has been raised by one-third. The action is understood to be owing to the enhanced price of cotton, and the increasingly heavy demands of the cotton spinners. This increase seriously affects the Scottish and English herring fishermen. It adds 10s to the price of each net, or £30 per boats’s float, and will mean an additional yearly tax of thousands of pounds, and proportionately affect English fishermen. The steam drifters will be severely hit.

SAD FATALITY ON THE RAILWAY NEAR KILRENNY. —The community and district has been singularly immune from railway accidents of any description for a good number of years, but the spell was broken on Saturday, when a rumour, which, unfortunately, ultimately became substantiated, was circulated early in the forenoon that a man had been killed on the railway near Kilrenny. The goods train which leaves Anstruther about nine o’clock, while travelling between what are known as the Commontry and the Cornceres Bridges, at the westmost portion of Innergellie Woods, met with some obstruction, and the driver, on arriving at Crail, reported the fact. On examining his engine, he was horrified to discover of blood on the wheels, with other evidences of the obstruction having been a human body. Intelligence of the affair was immediately telephoned to the station at Anstruther whence ambulance aid was sent to the spot at which the accident had occurred, Dr Wilson and the police being also in attendance, but on the body being retched, life was found to be extinct. The back of the head was severely battered, while one of the legs was broken, and the right-hand cut, but the features were untouched and perfectly recognisable, a fact which, on the body being taken to Anstruther Goods Station, rendered identification easy. The relatives of the deceased identified him as Robert Murray, fifty years of age, fisherman, George Street, Cellardyke. There was nothing to show how the accident really occurred, but it is surmised that deceased, who had been lately very much worried on account of some family matters, had been stalking along the line in a preoccupied state of mind when he was overtaken by the train, with the above fatal consequences. Appearances also go to show that after being knocked down by the engine, he had been dragged along underneath for a considerable distance, as his knife, tobacco, and pipe, were found lying a point about thirty yards further back, from where the body was found lying. When he left home in the morning it is mutated that he was wearing a watch, with a gold chain, but, on the recovery of his body, only the minute hand, and the broken glass of the watch was found in the pocket of his vest. Deceased, of a quiet, frank nature, was generally well-liked and respected by his fellow fishermen. The drifter Rob the Renter, of the crew of which he was a member, arrived at Anstruther from Aberdeen on Monday afternoon flying a flag at half mast, out of respect to the memory of deceased. Much sympathy has been expressed by the community, over which quite a gloom was cast on Saturday, for his sorrowing family and friends.


Three small boys from Cellardyke were brought before Sheriff Armour at Cupar on Tuesday, charged with maliciously throwing stones at and breaking a quantity of glass at the vinery at Croma House. They all pleaded guilty. The Fiscal said this was one of the worst pieces of mischief that had come under his notice. The affair was very deliberate and destructive. The Sheriff said he had great difficulty in refraining from sending the oldest boy to be birched, but as his father had already punished him, he would let him off this time. The other boys were too young for that punishment.


MUSICAL EXAMINATION. In the list of passes of the Trinity College Examinations, held in Edinburgh, appears the names of Miss Alice Black, James Street, Cellardyke; and Miss Nellie Davidson, Rustic Place, Anstruther. In the preparatory examination in pianoforte playing. These candidates were prepared and entered for the examination by Miss M. J. Anderson, West Anstruther.

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