The Cellardyke Echo – 17/11/2022 – Issue 365


GOLDEN WEDDING. Watson—Moncrieff. —At 38 George Street, Cellardyke, on 18th November, 1850 ( should this be 1860?), by the Rev. Alex. Gregory, Anstruther, William Watson, fisherman, to Lucy Moncrieff, daughter of Robert Moncrieff, fisherman, Cellardyke. Present Address, 5 Shore Street, Cellardyke.

MR DUNCAN MILLAR’S TRAWLLNG BILL. Mr Duncan Millar’s Illegal Trawling Bill is (says a London correspondent) evidently receiving a great deal of support in the fishing towns on the East Coast. He has just presented a petition in its favour from fishermen in St Andrews, Crail, and Cellardyke, and I believe that petitions to the same effect are coming from Arbroath, Johnshaven, Ferryden. and Gourdon. There is, therefore, no doubt that this measure has the general support of the fisher population.


A letter was read from the Local Government Board stating that in a report from the General Superintendent of the Poor on a recent visit to Cellardyke, it was stated that the books were properly posted and the clerical work of the Inspector’s office well done. This was considered very satisfactory. After passing several accounts the Council adjourned.


DAIRY STOCK &c., FOR SALE. There will be sold by Public Roup at the DAIRY, TOLBOOTH ROAD, CELLARDYKE, on FRIDAY, 24th November, the whole Stock, Implements etc., belonging to the Estate of MR ALEXANDER MCFADYBAN, Cellardyke, consisting of:—16 Cows, (some newly calved and mostly in full milk), 1Horse, 2 Pigs, 1Milk cart, 1 Cart, Harness, and usual Dairy and Stable Utensils. Roup to commence at 2 O’clock, afternoon. Fifeshire Auction Co., Ltd., Ladybank, Auctioneers. Rodger Street, Anstruther, 16th November, 1911,


CELLARDYKE FIREMAN’S BODY FOUND AT YARMOUTH. Intelligence was received in Anstruther yesterday that the body John Watson, Cellardyke, fireman on the Cellardyke steam drifter Guerdon, who went amissing about three weeks ago, had been found in the river.

Although an inquest was held at the Mariner’s Refuge, Gorleston, upon the body of John Watson, aged 27, fireman on the Kirkcaldy steam drifter Guerdon, which was recovered from Yarmouth Harbour after he had been for three weeks, no real light has been shed upon his fate. He had lived with his mother, a widow, Cellardyke, and, according to the skipper of the Guerdon, Adam Reid, he left his vessel on the night of October 18 to on shore for the evening, and never returned to her. Adam Reid, son of the skipper said he met deceased in King Street, Yarmouth at 10.15 p.m.. more than an hour after he had left the Guerdon, and he was not the worse for drink, but the night was dark and thick with rain, and as the Guerdon was the fourth boat off the quay, Watson might make a slip getting on board. No cry was heard during the night, and deceased never came board again. On his body being searched by policeman, he stated he found nothing in his pockets. The Coroner said there was no evidence to show how or where deceased got into the river, but was most probable he stumbled and fell when getting to his boat from the quay. An open verdict of “Found drowned ” was recorded.


In the Yarmouth Court on Saturday, it was announced that the action which should have been heard by Judge Wilmot, in which the skipper and crew of the Cellardyke boat, Unity, (Skipper D. Corstorphine) claimed for salvage services rendered on October 10th, in the North Sea, to the drifter Scots Greys, had been privately settled! The terms of settlement have not transpired, but it is stated the sum is substantial. ( Scots Greys KY 52 was another Cellardyke Boat owned by the Betts of Fowler Street, the boat was lost)

Unity KY 162 – Alex Stevenson at the bow, and Alex Stevenson Jnr by the Wheelshouse


Death Notice

Sutherland- At 2 Carmelite Street, Aberdeen, the 16th inst . James Sutherland, trawl fisherman, late Cellardyke, aged years—deeply regretted. Funeral Wednesday the 19th inst., at 2-30 p.m. St Peter’s Cemetery. All friends please accept this (the only) intimation and invitation.

CELLARDYKE. SCHOOL SOCIAL and DANCE—On Friday evening, the annual social and dance promoted by the Headmaster and staff of Cellardyke school was held. There a very large company present, the largest since the inception of the social. The room were magnificently decorated and gave ample tribute to the artistic energies of the staff. Prior to the commencement of a varied and excellent concert, Mr Barbour welcomed those present and hoped they would all have an enjoyable evening. The programme consisted of a piano duet by Misses Calder and Pattullo; song, ‘Promise Me’ by Miss Travis; recitation, ‘Soliloquy of a chicken’ by Miss Cattanach; Sword dance by Mr J. D. Lawson; song ‘Hush-a-by Birdy,’ by Miss McMeekin; Sketch by Mr and Mrs Maxwell; song ‘Because’ by Mr James Wood; violin solo by Mr Fred Higgins; duet, ‘The Elfin Call’ Misses Rennie and Travis. Dancing was afterwards engaged in Mr Macfarlane discharging the duties of M. C. in a very efficient and energetic manner. The dance music was played by Mrs McPherson, Dundee, while the purveying was daintily attended to by Messrs D. Black & Son, Cellardyke. From beginning to end, the function most successfully and enjoyable.

CELLARDYKE FISHERMAN DROWNED While on Passage from Yarmouth to Anstruther. Intelligence was received in Anstruther today of the drowning of Cellardyke fisherman, John Wilson, one of the crew of the Shields steam drifter Baden Powell while a voyage from Yarmouth to Anstruther. The vessel put into Shields, and intelligence was sent to Anstruther of the accident. Deceased, who was about 55 years of age leaves a widow and a family.


OUR WOUNDED “POSTIE.” Private D. Brown, Black Watch, the Cellardyke “Postie” who was wounded and invalided home, left yesterday for the Perth Headquarters, where he had to report himself. Although Private Brown has been steadily improving, it is questionable as to whether he is yet fit or service. While in the fighting line, Private Brown had more narrow escapes from death On one occasion he had been told of to prepare tea for his Company. Leaving the “dixie” for a few moments, and while only a short distance away, a shell landed right in the “dixie,” which was shattered and scattered. On another occasion, he was sitting in one of the trenches, with his legs crossed. A large piece of shell landed right in between his legs, and made a deep hole in the ground, but he was untouched. To his regret, Private Brown never took part in a bayonet charge, although like many of his comrades he would have been glad of the opportunity of getting to close quarters with the enemy. In addition to the names already published of those from Cellardyke now serving in the Forces, we have to add those of George Hodge (Bowman), lst Class Petty Officer, H.M.S. Patrol, and Private Harry A. Bowman, 7th Black Watch (Territorials). From West Anstruther there is Leading Seaman James Smith, H.M.S. Warrior, a son of Mr James Smith, West Anstruther.

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