Cellardyke Echo – 13/04/2023 – Issue 384


MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE AT SEA. THREE CELLARDYKE FISHERMEN DROWNED. On Wednesday morning, as the boat Southern Cross, Alexander Fowler, master, was running home from the great lines she was struck with a tremendous sea while crossing the Morray Bank, some ten leagues or so from the Isle of May. Two of the crew, Andrew Flemming, who was at the helm, and Andrew Brown, who was standing on the hatchway, were washed overboard and drowned, while another of the crew, Thomas Keay, was also severely crushed between the spars, which had been cast loose by the same fatal sea. Skipper Fowler, with great presence of mind, cast loose the sheet on the boat, or one and all would doubtless have been engulfed in destruction. Fleming leaves a widow and five children, and Brown widow and two children, all of whom are more or less helpless and dependent. Another melancholy disaster occurred on board of the Cellardyke boat Onyx, Robert Meldrum, master, which also encountered the storm in the North Sea. The Onyx, like the Southern Cross, was homeward bound, and while close reefed in mid ocean she was struck by one of those treacherous billows only too well known in the navigation of the North Sea. At this instant one of the crew, Andrew Muir, was swept into the sea, and though for time he sustained an unequal struggle with the storm, he perished before the boat could beat up to his rescue. Another of the crew, David Wood, was severely cut on the forehead, through a blow dealt by the heel of his lost comrade, while in the clutches of the sea, which threw him over the gunwale. Muir leaves widow and five helpless children.

MR WILLIAMSON MP AND CONSTITUENTS. Mr Stephen Williamson the intelligence of whose return for the St Andrews Burghs was received the East of Fife in with great rejoicings, on Wednesday paid a visit to the coast burghs, and was everywhere received in the most cordial manner. At East Anstruther he was carried shoulder high into Town Hall; and on returning from Crail to meeting at Cellardyke he was met by several hundred fishermen, who unyoked the horses from his carriage, which was first pulled down to Cellardyke and afterwards to the residence of his mother in Anstruther. Here a large crowd collected and amidst loud cheers, Mr Williamson, was again carried shoulder high to Belfield House. The hon. member left by the last train for Cheshire in order to vote for the liberal candidates there., and his carriage was pulled to the railway station by a number of fishermen. Before leaving Anstruther Mr & Mrs Williamson briefly acknowledged their appreciation of the magnificent reception they had received in all the coast burghs.


One evening last week, a fine boy seven years of age, the son of Mr Alexander Rodger, fisherman, Cellardyke, was sent to deliver a garden spade in an adjacent street. He seems to have overbalanced himself or his burthen, as on going home he complained of a stroke to the temple. There being neither cut nor blemish it did not excite, perhaps, a second thought, but towards nightfall the poor little victim began to exhibit every symptom of concussion of the brain. The Doctor was called in, but an enemy was at work that no skill could baffle or dislodge, and after lingering almost without hope from the first, he was released from his sufferings on Monday morning. No little sympathy is felt for the family in this unlooked-for bereavement.


(There was a bad storm and many of the boats made their way to Leith) –

On Friday night one of the fishermen, named McReuvie, belonging to a Cellardyke boat, which was lying in the Old Dock, missed his footing while going on board a steamer to reach his boat, and fell between the quay wall and the vessel, but was happily not very seriously injured. He was taken to Leith Hospital, and it is expected will be able to leave a few days.

Fisheries Exhibition Edinburgh

Messrs Sharp & Murray. Cellardyke, show a most complete collection of nets, lines, and deep-sea fishing gear, all so admirably arranged as to make their working plain to the merest tyro. As noteworthy fact, illustrating the extent and value of gear required by even comparatively small fishing community, it may be here mentioned that the great and haddock lines of the Cellardyke fleet would extend to the enormous length of 1200 miles.


Anstruther – Handsome Donations.— Sir Walter W. Hughes has forwarded from London, to his friend, Mr Bowman, Town-Clerk, gift of £100 the Fishermen’s Society ; also, to Mr Nicholson, Session clerk, a donation of £10 for the churchyard improvement of his native town of Pittenweem. Sir Walter has also sent £100 through Bailie Sharp to the Fisherman’s Union of Cellardyke, where he wrought both as apprentice and man in the cooperage of the Bailie’s father, or rather, let us say, where he had his early home till he entered on that adventurous and romantic career, attended in the end with such brilliant success. – another article  – CELLARDYKE. DONATION TO THE CELLARDYKE FISHERMAN’S BENEFIT SOCIETY. —We understand that Sir Walter Watson Heughs., of Wallaroo, has sent through Bailie Sharp the handsome sum of £100 to be added to the permanent fund of this Society. The fund now amounts to £600.

International Fisheries Exhibition. –Twelve Cellardyke fishermen have been selected from whom to choose four representatives to visit the forthcoming Exhibition in London, They are expected to absent a fortnight, and their expenses are to paid.


About the beginning of last month we reported that the KY boat (No. 1453), Cellardyke, had got one of her masts damaged, and that she was towed up the river by the steam tug Storm King. For this a salvage of £20 has been claimed by the Tug Company. This claim, we understand, is to be resisted, on the alleged grounds that, in the circumstances, it is quite unwarrantable, as the boat had entered the river, and was in no danger, and that therefore the tug was not entitled to anything more than an ordinary pilotage, which would amount to about 15s. Similar and heavier claims have been made upon two Ferryden boats, and should this case go into Court it will excite a vivid interest.

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