The Cellardyke Echo – 5/10/23 – Issue 409


CELLARDYKE. Wounded in France. – Other too cases of local fellows wounded during the course of the recent advance hate been reported. These are William Mathers, of the 4th Black Watch, and William Thomson, both are making good progress.

KILRENNY. Wounded by a Prisoner. Information has come to Mr and Mrs McKane, Cornceres, that their son, George, 4th Black Watch, has again been wounded. McKane had not long got back to France after recovering from a previous wound, when he took part in the recent fighting. He came out of the advance unscathed, but while taking a German prisoner back to the British lines, the German shot him with a revolver. The wound, however, was not fatal, and McKane is making good progress.


MR RAY’S FAREWELL TO CELLARDYKE. Previous to leaving to be inducted to the pastorate of St James’ Parish Church, Portobello, the Rev. James Ray, M.A.. preached his farewell sermon Cellardyke Parish Church last Sunday forenoon. There was a large and representative congregation.

Parish Church.—ln accordance with his appointment by the Presbytery of St Andrews, the Rev. Mr Munn, Forgan, occupied the pulpit of Cellardyke Parish Church on Sunday, and formally declared the charge vacant.

Flounder Net Fishing.—As a living cannot meantime be made (says the “Fishing News”) at the small line fishing in the Firth of Forth, motor yawls belonging to Cellardyke, St Monans, Pittenweem, and Buckhaven have removed to Aberdeen to engage in flounder net fishing. Unfortunately, however, weather conditions lately have not been very favourable for this method of fishing, which cannot be followed when any swell is running. Nevertheless, some good hits have been made this week. Shots have realised as much as £4O, but have also fallen as low as £1.

The Stranded Steamer. The steamer Streathan, which went ashore opposite Kilrenny Mill, Cellardyke, while on a voyage from the Tyne to Leith, a fortnight ago, still lies high and dry on the rocks. She has been lightened considerably by the discharging of a large quantity of coal, while some of the rock on which she rests has been removed. With a recurrence to high tides this week, should the weather remain favourable, it is hoped that she may yet be got off within the next few days.


Cellardyke Man’s Promotion – Mr John G Moncrieff, son of Mr and Mrs  W Moncrieff, George Street Cellardyke, has been promoted manager of Richard’s Audit Company, Windsor Ontario, Canada,

Mr Moncrieff served his apprenticeship in Anstruther and emigrated to Canada in 1912. Two years ago he joined the service of his present employer.


HERRING FISHING CRISIS. Cellardyke Takes Action. Cellardyke fishermen have formed a committee to act in co-operation with Mr J. Duncan Millar, M.P. for East Fife, during the crisis in the herring fishing industry. The committee have drawn statement urging— Immediate Government aid. Inquiry into the destruction herring the sprat fishers the Firth of and Firth of Forth; and Better supervision of trawling on the East Coast. The committee maintain that sprat fishers are destroying tons of young herring which, if they were allowed to reach maturity, would leave the shallow waters for deeper waters, and the winter herring fishing at Anstruther would revive.

ANSTRUTHER HERRING DEAL. The steam drifter White Queen (Skipper Moncrieff, Cellardyke) arrived at Anstruther on Saturday with cran of herring. The catch had first of all been taken to Hartlepool, and was purchased over the ‘phone by Messrs R. Melville & Sons, Cellardyke, £1 per cran.


FIFE FISHERMAN MISSING From Herring Fleet at Yarmouth. Photo is of. George Corstorphine, 57 George Street, Cellardyke, who has been missing since Saturday night from the steam drifter Mace at Yarmouth, where most of the East of Fife fleet is engaged in the herring fishing. Corstorphine, who is 34 years of age, and married with a family of two, was employed as a fisherman on the steam drifter Mace, skippered by Mr Martin Gardiner, Cellardyke. The Mace left Anstruther about a fortnight ago and had been working its way south. The missing man is a son of Mr and Mrs George Corstorphine, 47 John Street, Cellardyke

SLANDER CASE IN CELLARDYKE. fruiterer Sues a Fisherman. ” May God strike me deaf, dumb, and blind if I was the thief,” said Alexander Smith, lately fruiterer, 45 James Street, Cellardyke; in Cupar Sheriff Court to-day, during the course of his proof in his slander action for £250 against James Brunton, fisherman, 59 James Street, Cellardyke. The pursuer, who was 58 years of age, stated in the witness’ box that he was accused by the defender of stealing certain stores consisting of tinned meat, tinned milk, &c., from his boat, the Lasher, while it was lying in Anstruther Harbour. The defender denied that he had made an actual accusation against the pursuer, but stated that he had suspicions which he communicated to him. In consequence of the stories that had gone about pursuer’s fruiterer’s business fell off from something like 20s to 25s per  day to about 8s per day.

In answer to Sheriff Dudley Stuart, the defender said he did not believe the pursuer’s denial.

The Sheriff—Do you believe it now ?

I do not believe yet.

The Sheriff —You know now that he did steal these things from your boat?

I am not sure, you know. All the proof I have is that I got the empty tins on the beach opposite pursuer’s house.

The Sheriff —It seems to at all events there is no doubt whatever that you conveyed to him you were accusing him of stealing these things from the boat?—

l never accused him.

The Sheriff —You come here and say that you have proof that did it? —

That is all the proof.

The Sheriff—You think it is enough?

l thought it was enough at the time.

The Sheriff —Do you still think so?

You people know better about law than I do, and I thought it was enough.

The Sheriff —You have taken a risk. If you are going to accuse a man of theft who says he knows nothing about your property and didn’t take it, you have to prove it.

The Defender —I put the case into the hands of the police at home, but nothing was done.

The Sheriff —Didn’t that make you a little cautious in the matter?—

l told the fiscal if there was nothing to be done he would just have to let it drop.

The Sheriff —You didn’t let it drop yourself, and that is why you are here to-day. You persisted accusing him.

The Sheriff —Your proof is that certain empty tins similar to the tins you had on board your boat were found upon the beach front his house? —


The Sheriff —That is the whole story. You think that enough?

Defender —I thought it was enough.

The Sheriff —Do you still think so? —


The Sheriff—That’s just the question. After hearing the agents his Lordship made avizandum.

Later in the Month

CELLARDYKE SLANDER ACTION. Fisherman Has to Pay £20. Judgment was given in Cupar Sheriff Court this afternoon by Sheriff Dudley Stuart in the slander action for £250 raised by Alexander Smith, sometime labourer, 45 James Street, Cellardyke, against James Brunton, fisherman, 59 James Street’ Cellardyke. His Lordship found in fact that the defender, who was skipper of the steam drifter Lasher brought her into Anstruther Harbour on 23d March last, and on the following day it was reported to him that certain stores had been stolen from the vessel. On the 2nd April the defender spoke to the pursuer about the theft of the stores, and said —” If you have stolen them or know anything about them I will give you 24 hours to put them back or give me £2.” the following day the defender called at the pursuer’s house, and said he had come to speak him and that that was the last chance, and he also mentioned that he had proof. The defender meant and the pursuer understood that the defender was accusing him of having stolen stores from the vessel. That accusation was slanderous, and must be presumed untrue. His Lordship found in law that the defender was liable to the pursuer of said slander, and assessed the damages at £20. Pursuer’s claim, he observed, was extravagantly stated. For the pursuer, Mr H. B. Middleton. Leven, and for defender, Mr T. W. Davidson, Cupar.

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