The Cellardyke Echo – 26/5/2016


A Cellardyke cyclist, Wm Duncan, West Forth Street, had a nasty accident while on the way home last night.

 He was proceeding from Pittenweem and when he arrived at West Anstruther the forks supporting the front wheel of the bicycle gave way, and broke on the jumpy cobbled road.

Duncan was thrown right over the handlebars, and sustained rather serious injuries to his face.

After being attended to by Dr Armour, West Anstruther, he was able to walk home.

News has just come to hand of the death at Binghamton Hospital New York, in his 43rd year, of Mr William Sheriff, second son of Mr John Sheriff, 61 George Street, Cellardyke.

Mr Sheriff was well known to the fishing communities on the east coast of Scotland as a boat painter of exceptional skill. He left the district almost seven years ago to take up an appointment with Messrs Fowlers’ Store at Binghamton, New York.

While resident in Cellardyke, Mr Sheriff acted as summer cox of the lifeboat, and was in charge of the lifeboat when the crew of the four-masted Carmen was wrecked. During ten months of service as a summer cox Mr Sheriff was responsible for the rescue of two crews.

While the motor boat, Pathfinder, belonging to Mr James Watson and Mr Peter Smith, Cellardyke, was being overhauled, the engine backfired and started a Blaze.

Flames ran along the lining of the vessel and amid dense clouds of smoke desperate attempts were made to extinguish the fire with water.

This proved futile, and the flames rapidly crept over the vessel. Fortunately a fire extinguisher was secured in the nick of time and in a few minutes the outbreak was extinguished.

Comparatively little damage was done.


At a police court held in the Town Hall Anstruther, Helen Watson or Thomson, wife of Robert Thomson, fisherman, 8 Urquhart Wynd, Cellardyke, appeared before Ballies W.S. Seath and W.W. Carstairs on a charge of assaulting on the 26th April at 10.15pm, Mrs Elizabeth Corstorphine and Mrs Jeannie Fair, Cellardyke and on shouting and bawling and committing a breach of the peace

After evidence was led the magistrates found the charge not proven.


The Steam Drifter Mace of Cellardyke, arrived at Aberdeen after having been ashore near Johnshaven.

The Mace was on her way to the fishing grounds when she went ashore during dense fog.

 A kedge anchor was put out and with the rising tide the vessel was refloated about half an hour later. The Mace was making no water and did not appear to be damaged.


A whist drive organised by the Cardinal’s Steps Amateur swimming club was held in Cellardyke town hall last night. 31 tables being engaged in play. Mr D MacIntyre, president of the club, acted as MC and at the close of play Provost Carstairs announced the prize winners.

Ladies, 1. Miss M Wilson, 2. Mrs Motion, 3.  Miss M Carstairs; consolation, Miss N Munro, Gentlemen 1 Miss N Barclay (as a gentleman) 2 Mr A Bowman, 3. Mr T Dunsire; consolation Miss Duncan (as a gentleman).


An old local craft is being revived at the East Fife Fishing Villages of Cellardyke where boat builders are busily engaged in meeting orders for boats. The Industry has been dormant for a number of years and the revival is due to the enterprise of Provost Carstairs, who is a member of the Fishery board, and a number of other local men. Within the next fortnight two vessels will be completed for the Manx Government which is subsidising its home fishing fleet. The Boats are the most up-to-date type of Ring net fishing boat. They will be named Manx beauty and Manx Fairy respectively. Their graceful lines have been admired by the whole fishing community in the neighbourhood. They can be run at half the cost of the steam drifter, a type of fishing craft that the ring net boats are generally replacing. The old yard where the industry had disappeared from a number of years ago was up until recently was cultivated as a garden.


Two yawls collided at the entrance to Eyemouth harbour on Saturday Morning, one of the vessels, the Spanish Castle, being severely damaged, mainly in the port bow.

The Craft was manned by Skipper William Patterson, of Eyemouth, and his crew, who a month ago were saved from their blazing boat, Spes Bona, at the fishing grounds.

On Saturday Morning the Spanish Castle which Mr Paterson acquired about a fortnight ago was returning from a night’s herring fishing, and a Cellardyke yawl, Star o’ Hope which had been engaged in great line fishing, was leaving the harbour when the two vessels collided.

In a Sinking Condition the Spanish Castle crawled into the harbour. Pumping operations were carried out and temporary repairs effected. The Star o’ Hope was able to continue on its journey to Cellardyke.

Mr Patterson and his Crew have certainly been dogged by misfortune lately, and this accident will result in the boat being idle for several weeks during the execution of repairs.


George Dunsire, Fish merchant 28 James Street, Cellardyke was fined £2 for permitting William Graham motor driver, East Green Anstruther to drive a motor van without an insurance policy, and graham was admonished for driving it.


Fined At Cupar Sherriff Court for Driving offences …. Alexander Brand Hughes .. 4 Dove Street, License holder offence 10s fine…

The rescue of a Child from drowning in Cellardyke harbour was recalled at Govan Police Court yesterday when the rescuer Alfred Menhennet Outhwaite, Govan, was presented with the parchment certificate from the Royal Humane Society. He had been walking with a companion on March 1 when he saw two children playing near the harbour wall. Shortly afterwards he heard a scream, and, on looking back noticed that one of the children had disappeared. A boy of four years old John Hodge Dickson had fallen twelve feet into the water. Although a non-swimmer Outhwaite jumped into the water still wearing his heavy overcoat and managed to grasp hold of the sinking child. Struggling to keep afloat, he ultimately caught hold of a harbour rope, and child and man were hauled to safety. Had Outhwaite not acted so promptly the child would probably have been drowned

Members of the Herring Industry Advisory Council appointed under the herring industry act 1938 were announced yesterday.

One of the members announced was John Gardner, Cellardyke Skipper and part owner of a Drifter, Director of the Scottish Herring Producers Association

Widower Weds Widow

The wedding was confirmed by Hon. Sherriff David Struth at Cupar today of Joseph Brunton Wilson, widower a fisherman residing at 12 James Street Cellardyke, and Isabella Herd Smith Wilson or Thomson, widow, Kirkgate, Pittenweem.

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