The Cellardyke Echo – 18/5/2016


The Cellardyke Fishing boat Jane and William arrived at Anstruther last night with one of the crew, George Murray (Geddes), Suffering from small pox. As soon as Murray was conveyed home a doctor ordered his removal to Ovenstone Hospital, the rest of the crew were vaccinated and the boat fumigated, while the different houses of the men were all sprayed with fumiline. The attack is a mild one and it is thought there will be no further outbreak. The Boat had been fishing at North Shields for some weeks, it is surmised that Murray must have been in contact with other cases.

At Cellardyke Burgh Court Mrs Maxwell Kilrenny pleaded guilty to failing to comply with an attendance order securing the regular attendance of her son and daughter at school, she admitted she had lost control over them.  The magistrates ordered the children to be sent to an industrial school until they were 14 years of age


A Cellardyke fisherman named David Moncrieff was drowned through being washed overboard off Shields.


In view of the retiral of Mr Barbour head teacher, Cellardyke at the close of the season at the age limit and of Mr McFarlane assistant, who leaves for China, the board agreed that the succeeding head teacher commence with a salary of £200 rising in 5 years to £250 at the rate of £10 per annum and the assistant commence at £110, rising to £130 at the rate of £5 annually.

Section from the ADVERT – –  Kilrenny School board – Wanted male certified teacher for the supplementary class of Cellardyke public School, singing and drawing essential and navigation desirable…….


Rewards for Bravery in Scotland – Royal Humane Society

Testimonial to David Black, James Street Cellardyke, a plucky lad of 15 for saving another boy from the sea at Cellardyke on April 21st.


Government Contracts for local firms

Oilskins- J Martin & Co Cellardyke, R Watson & Co Anstruther.


A girl named Orr, employed at Martin and Co’s Oilskin factory, sustained severe injuries while at work on Saturday. Her apron caught in the machinery and before the workings could be stopped she was carried several times round the shafting, with the result her clothes were badly torn. When the machinery was stopped the unfortunate girl fell to the ground floor and sustained severe injuries to her head.


 (this was an unclear article I have tried to make full sense of it)

Father and Son Fined at Cupar

Sequel to a £20 000 fire at Cellardyke Oilskin Factory of J Martin & Sons, today in Cupar Sherriff Court Joseph Buttars Ritchie, restauranteur and his son Joseph Ritchie shop assistant 20 East Green Anstruther, were charged with having on 2nd or 3rd May broke into the factory premises  at Mill ???? Occupied by Robert???der & Co and stolen there from oilskin coats and hangers. The pleaded to simple theft and this was accepted.

Acting for the Accused Mr Tasker, Cupar, stated that on the night in question there was the fire at Martin’s Factory, a lot of oilskins were thrown on the road. Many of them were taken to the store. For some unknown reason he could not understand the accused broke into the store and stole some of these, but did not get away with them as they were discovered by the police and the coats were recovered. These men had been in trouble before and they could not understand what possessed them to do such a foolish thing. The elder had a wife and five of a family and was in a good way of business.

The Fiscal said it was an exceptionally bad and mean theft.. On the night of the fire the loss to the firm was over £20 000. In course they got people to carry away as much of the goods as possible. An insuring firm offered to store anything saved from the factory and a large number of goods were taken there.

Immediately after dark a great deal of looting took place and in consequence the police took charge of the store. Concealed themselves and while there Ritchie and his son came in. Ritchie was heard to say ‘Take all you can’. When chased by the police they threw away a number of the goods but when the police reached them an overcoat was got there, showing they had been twice to the store. Through Theft the firm reckoned that they had lost much and the value of the stuff taken away was £5 10s. Accused were well ???? and there was no excuse. They were fined each £5, or ??? days imprisonment.


For Sale by Private Bargain, on retiral of the owner

The Cellardyke Oilskin Factory, 31 – 39 James Street Cellardyke, with the Oilskin Manufacturers business carried on during the last 40 years, by Alex Black & Co (inventors and sole manufacturers of the Patent canvas buoy)

The buildings are in excellent order and include ample storage, are equipped with all the necessary Machinery, driven by steam power. The present stock will be taken over by the purchaser at mutual valuation….


John Duncan, Boat Tavern, Cellardyke was charged at Cupar Burgh Court on Saturday with contravening the licensing laws by supplying two men with glasses of beer seven minutes after closing time.  A plea of not guilty was tendered and the trial set for 25th September.

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