The Cellardyke Echo – 2/09/21 – Issue 303



A fire, which was soon extinguished, broke out in the coal bunkers of tho liner, Rob the Ranter, on Sunday afternoon. The vessel was moored at the concrete pier, and as smoke was seen rising from the coal bunkers, the alarm was given. Firemaster Elliot and the engineer of the liner soon arrived, and by pouring water on the coals extinguished the fire. Very fortunately the coals on board were very few, no fresh supply having been put in on Saturday. The damage done consisted only of a small quantity of coal being consumed.

Messrs D. H. Watjen & Co., Bremen, Germany, who recently lost their iron ship Adelaide’ on the Japanese coast while on a voyage to Japan, have replaced her by the magnificent steel four-masted barque ‘Holkar’ which they have purchased from Messrs T. & J. Brocklebank, Liverpool. The Holkar ‘ whose new name will be the Adelaide’ is 2960 tens register, and was built by Messrs Harland & Wolff, Belfast, in 1888. Mr Montador, Cellardyke, is one of the mates. The purchase price was £23,000. Another of Messrs Watjen’s ironships, the ‘ Louise’ (ex-Sherwood) 1774 tons register and built in 1883 left about the same time as the Adelaide’ on a similar voyage, and is supposed to have foundered with all on board, as nothing has been seen or heard of her since. She dropped out of the overdue market some weeks ago as quite uninsurable, and will soon be posted at Lloyd’s as missing.

On Saturday afternoon there was launched from Mr Fulton’s yard at Pittenweem one of those large sailing liners now being adopted by our East Coast fishermen. The craft, which is 68ft. in length and attractive in design and finish, has been built to the order of Skipper Thomas Bett, Cellardyke, and was christened the “Cornucopia’ by his daughter, Miss Maggie Bett. After being fitted up with patent steam capstan, for hauling gear, &c the craft pro-ceeds to the herring fishing at Yarmouth.


WANTED Mechanic with some experience of Net Loom-. Wages good; constant employment; Young Man preferred-Apply. Robt. Watson & Co , Net Makers. Cellardyke, Fife

On Aug. 31 Messrs. A. and J. F. Scott launched at Montrose a strong fishing boat of fine lines for Mr. Robert Davidson, Cellardyke. The craft is 69 feet long, 20 feet broad, and 11 feet deep, and was christened Guide Me.

SALE OF NETS AT CELLARDYKE. There will be sold by Public Roup at 31 Shore Street, Cellardyke, on Wednesday, 11th inst., at Two o’clock, Afternoon. A Quantity of NETS, STOPPERS, and PALLETS, belonging to Skipper Jas. Watson. Mr Bonthron Auctioneer.

FOR Sale the Boat “Phoenix,” K.Y. 2005, 50 feet in length, and Appurtenances, Cheap. Apply George Watson, 36 West, Forth Street, Cellardyke.

On Saturday afternoon, Mr Fulton launched from his building yard large sailing liner to the order of Skipper William Brown (Reid). Cellardyke, which was named the “Vineyard” by Miss Brown, daughter of the owner. The craft, which is similar in design and dimensions to the other seven which the builder has executed for district owners during the course of the past year, is be fitted up with all the latest fishing appliances, and starts shortly on her maiden voyage to the Scarborough and other south herring fishings.


THE POLICEMAN’S LOT. A CELLARDYKE FISHCADGER’S REVENGE. Before Hon. Sheriff-Substitute Gray at Cupar yesterday, D. Ross, fish-hawker, Cellardyke, admitted having, on 2nd September, on the Crail and Kingsbarns highway, opposite the police station at Crail, committed a breach of the peace, conducted himself in a disorderly manner, and used threatening and abusive language towards Wm. Robertson, police constable, and at the bleaching green known as the “Dams” assaulted Wm. Robertson, and kicked him on the legs and body. The Procurator-Fiscal said that a spirit revenge was at the bottom of this case. The police constable at Crail had reported the accused for driving without lights, and since then had evinced a spirit of revenge not only towards the constable, but towards his wife and family! As the constable had an extensive beat, and was often away from his home for long intervals, his wife and family had oftentimes been placed in a state of fear and alarm. His Lordship, in passing sentence of a fine of 30s, or fourteen days imprisonment, remarked that if came back again on similar charge would be dealt with very severely.

The Anstruther fishing fleet, which encountered the full force of last Wednesday’s gale, all successfully weathered the storm but two. One of them, however, turned up on Friday evening, and relieved considerably the anxiety that was being felt. The other not having arrived by Saturday afternoon, five of the steam liners left Anstruther to make a complete search of the fishing grounds near the spot where the boat was last seen on Wednesday afternoon, about 45 miles off Aberdeen. In the fishing community very slender hopes were on Saturday entertained of her safety, and the belief was pretty general that she had foundered, and that the crew had all been drowned. The boat was named The Brothers, and was owned by Skipper William Watson, who was accompanied by his two sons, Adam and Alexander Watson, unmarried; David Muir, fisherman, Cellardyke, unmarried; William Peat, fisherman, Cellardyke, unmarried; and two hired hands from Broughty Ferry, one of whom was named Charles Norrie, and the other David Ferrier.


On Aug. 26 there was launched at St. Monans, by Mr. James Miller, a first-class fishing boat, built to the order of Messrs. John Boyter and William Tarvit, Cellardyke. The boat was named Guiding Star. The craft is 69 feet 8 inches extreme length.

SALE OF FISHING NETS &c., belonging to PETER MURRAY (Brunton), Cellardyke. There will be Sold at the Lifeboat House Middle Pier, Anstruther, 15 Black NETS 8 White NETS, 3 Messenger ROPES, Number of PALLETS and other Fishing Gear. Sale to Commence at Two o’clock Afternoon on SATURDAY, 12th September.


On Saturday night William John Morgan, Kilcone, halfdealsmen, caused a disturbance in Shore Street, committing a breach of the peace, and assaulting James Braid by catching hold of him, shaking and threatening to do for him. Accused pled guilty. The Fiscal said Morgan was very much the worse of drink on Saturday. There had been some dispute about the deal, but he wished their honours to make known that halfdealsmen could not take the law into their own hands in that manner. The fine was fixed at 7s 6d or three days. Morgan expressed regret at what had happened, and said he had no cash, but the skipper of the boat had money belonging to him. The skipper came in and said that although he had money he questioned whether it was Morgan’s. The Provost–But we have nothing to do with that. The skipper then agreed to pay accused’s fine.

The New Lifeboat.

The launching of the new lifeboat tor Anstruther is to take place to-morrow. The united choirs of Anstruther and Cellardyke are expected to take part in the singing of the hymns, while large number of young ladies have agreed to act collectors of subscriptions for the institution and its work.

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