The Cellardyke Echo – 01/12/2022 – Issue 367


Ex Pupil Teacher (Female) wanted for Cellardyke Public School, Salary £40, Applications stating qualification with testimonials, to be lodged on or before 6th December with Provost Thomson, Cellardyke, Chairman of Kilrenny School board

THE HARBOUR IMPROVEMENT FUND CONCERTS. The first of a series of entertainments for Cellardyke Harbour Fund was held in the Town Hall, Cellardyke, last Friday, when a most enjoyable evening was spent. The Hall was crowded to its utmost, and Mr Robert Melville, occupied the chair. A first-rate programme was gone through. Solos were sung by Misses Hepburn and Rennie, and by Messrs Harris and Wood— Miss Mary Melville being the accompanist. The comic songs sung by Mr Harris took exceptionally well, and he had on both occasions to respond to encores. Mr Alex. Watson also contributed two violin solos in his usual efficient manner. A humorous reading was given by Mr James Fortune, and the two recitations by Mr Peter Smith, was listened to with great interest. Encores were demanded from all the performers, and a most successful and enjoyable entertainment was brought to a close by the singing of the National Anthem. Judging from the enthusiasm displayed by the audience and from the large numbers present, it augurs well for the future meetings of this class, which are to be held every Friday evening through the winter.

BOATBUILDING Pittenweem. —The remaining bauldie which Mr Fulton had on hand has just been disposed of to a Fisherrow owner. This one, along with the one sold the previous week, were both launched on Tuesday this week. From the same yard there is to be launched in the end of the present week, two large deep-sea boats built to the order of Skipper Alex. Hughes (Irvine), Abbey Road, and Skipper John Watson (Salter). Cellardyke, respectively.


BRAVE FIFE FISHERMAN. HANDSOME REWARD FOR HEROIC CONDUCT. To-day at Yarmouth the Mayor announced the Police Court that h« had received a vellum certificate of the Royal Humane Society and silver hunter watch specially subscribed for presentation James Patterson Wallace of Cellardyke, and belonging the Kirkcaldy fishing boat Morning Star, who a short time since plunged into the harbour, though wearing heavy sea clothing, and saved a boy who drowning. Wallace was not present, and Mr Former, salesman, said the boat sailed Sunday. The Mayor directed the awards be forwarded to the Provost at Anstruther for public presentation to Mr Wallace.

BOATBUILDING ORDERS (Millers Anstruther yard)—The new boat on the stocks at the shipbuilding yard is to be launched by Mr Miller next week.  (This was sold to Skipper Pratt, Cellardyke) Another two orders for large boats 68feet in length, have been secured by Mr Miller, one for Skipper David Brown, Cellardyke, and the other for Shetland, the latter to be smack rigged, for which class there is a strong demand in Shetland. The carpenters are thus assured of full employment for some time to come.


The Gale – From 12 until 3 o’clock it made a clean sweep over every pier in our neighbourhood, as if nothing lay in its way, and the noise which it made among the rocks of our iron-bound shore was frightful. We hear that a part of the pier of has been damaged. Three fishing boats belonging to Cellardyke, which were lying at Craignoon, were dashed to pieces. They were the properties of David Watson, John Pratt, and Alexander Scott. John Carstairs lost two large sails, about 90 yards in each of them. A great many masts, oars, and others articles belonging the fishermen have also been swept away, and about 90 yards of the new bulwarks of Cellardyke harbour greatly damaged.


Mission Yacht Albatross – UNITED SPECIAL MISSION, CONDUCTED BY W. F. STEWART And CREW of the “ALBATROSS,” In Cellardyke Town Hall, ON SABBATH. 6th Dec. at 7.45, Week Nights at 7.30. All welcome, Yacht Hymns

LAUNCHES ON THE TYNE. There was launched from the Shipbuilding Yard of Smith’s Dock Company, Limited, North Shields, on Thursday, three finely modelled steel steam herring drifters the following dimensions: 82ft. by 18it. 3 inches. by 9ft. 1in. They have been built under Lloyd’s special survey to obtain the highest-class A.1., will with compound engines 12in., and 10in, stroke, supplied by W. V, V. Lidgerwood, of Coatbridge, fitted by the Shields Engineering Company, Limited, of North Shields. They have been built specially for the Scotch herring fishing and will be equipped with all the latest improvements for such vessels. The names the vessels are the Emily Reaich, Nina, and Vanguard III. The first two are built to the order of Provost W. H. Leask, Peterhead, and the latter, which was christened by Miss Hastie, of North Shields, to the order of Messrs Martin Gardner & Sons, of Cellardyke.

Vanguard III KY 693


CELLARDYKE. Town and Parish Councils. — A nomination meeting for the Town and Parish Councils of Kilrenny took place in the Town Hall, Cellardyke, on Tuesday evening. The retiring members of the Parish Council were all re-elected with the exception of Provost Black, who refused to stand, and are—Messrs Ray, Leslie, Barbour, J. Downey, and Gardiner. The three vacancies in the Town Council were filled up by the retiring members, who are—Messrs G. M. Black, J. Clark, and W. Dewar.

CELLARDYKE. A Burgh Court also took place last Friday in Cellardyke, the presiding Magistrate being Provost Black and Bailie Butters. The cases before them were all relating to carters leaving their carts standing on the public streets longer than was necessary for the loading or unloading of goods. The persons charged were Messrs J. Hodge, A. Blyth, R. Christie, G. Pattie, but a certificate was road from Dr Wilson stating that Blyth was unable to attend Court through illness

ACTION AGAINST KILRENNY TOWN COUNCIL THE, CELLARDYKE HARBOUR EXTENSION. In Cupar Sheriff Court last Thursday, Sheriff Armour closed the record, and ordered parties to be heard on 8th December, in an action raised against Kilrenny Town Council, being the authority for Cellardyke harbour, by Messrs Adam Co., contractors, Glasgow, for the balance due on their account ender the contract for work at the harbour amounting to £116 5s 9d, the sum of £13 for lighting the harbour, and £217 12s of additional claims. The pursuers state what their offer for the work was made on 7th April 1902, and in terms of the specification it was to be completed within six months. In making their offer the pursuers anticipated that they would be allowed to proceed with the work at once, and would thus have had the advantage of the summer months and the possibility of fair weather. The engineer on 16th April 1902 intimated that their offer had been accepted, and they continually asked that they should be allowed to proceed with the work, but they did not receive a formal acceptance until 9th June, and were not allowed to start till 30th June 1902. The work was net completed till 31st December 1903, but about a month was spent in executing work not in the original contract. Had they been allowed to start within a reasonable time of their making their offer they would in all probability have been able to complete the work within the time stipulated. Owing, however, to a delay of more than three mouths, they lest the best part of the summer, and were thrown into the winter, during which they had to contend with unusually bad weather. The Council admit that the offer by the pursuers was made on the date specified, and that they were told that the Council on April 14th 1902, had unanimously resolved to accept it. But they were also told that the offer could only be accepted subject to the consent of the Fishery Board being obtained, which was not got till June 6th, and a formal acceptance by the engineer was sent them on 9th June, when they were requested to proceed at once with the works. The pursuers did not ask that the period of six months stipulated in the contract should be extended, and the contract was entered into and accepted on the footing that the harbour works would be executed within the time named. The contract contained no weather clause, and the pursuers undertook all risk of delay arising through unfavourable weather or otherwise. They took the whole of the year 1903, in addition to the six months of 1902, to complete the work. The pursuers say that when signing the contract, they pointed out to Messrs Jamieson & Guthrie, that owing to delay in starting the job, it would be impossible to complete it to time, and these gentlemen assured them that the time clause would not be insisted on. During the progress of the work the engineer made several alterations in the original plans. These necessitated considerable additional work, and the carrying out of certain portions under entirely altered conditions in a manner not expected by either of the parties when the contract was entered upon. Some of these alterations were made after the expiry of the six months within which the contract ought to have been completed. The defenders admit the alterations, but say they are usual in the execution of harbour works or undertakings of the like nature. By the conditions of the contract, they, or their engineer, were to have full power to make such alterations on the form, dimensions, and arrangement of the works as they might see fit during their progress, and that such should in no way invalidate the contract, but should be deemed a part thereof.

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