The Cellardyke Echo – 08/12/2022 – Issue 368


At a meeting of Cellardyke Town Council, out of an application list of fully 30, Mr Bowie, a retired soldier, Cowdenbeath, was appointed to the vacant post of town officer. He will take up duties immediately.

The new pipe organ which has been obtained for Cellardyke Parish Church has now been put in the building, and will be used for the first, time on Sunday first. The organ is an exceedingly handsome instrument, and cost fully £600. The half of the total cost to borne by Mr Andrew Carnegie.


Cellardyke boat, the Lilias Scott, has had the honour of being top marker on one day with the fine catch of 120 cran

Hero Rewarded. –Yesterday evening, a Town Council meeting (Montrose), Provost Melvin presented Mr David Coull Nicol, Ferryden, with a Royal Humane Society’s certificate for having on 23rd Sept., at Scarborough, rescued a Cellardyke fisherman, David Stevenson, who fell into the sea, but who unfortunately died some time afterwards. Mr Nicol. being Glasgow, was represented by his father, who replied for his son.

THE COLLIESTON DISASTER. IMPRESSIVE FUNERAL AT TORRY. There was an impressive scene at Torry on Saturday afternoon when the funeral of John Burgoyne, aged about 30 years, fishery officer, under the Fishery Board of Scotland, at the Bay of Nigg Fish Hatchery, and of the brothers Andrew and William. Henderson, aged about 20 and 16 years respectively, sons of Mr and Mrs John Henderson, Menzies Road, Torry, took place. The greatest sympathy has been manifested in the community with Mr and Mrs Henderson in the loss of their two sons, who perished as the result of the wreck of the trawler Star of Hope, on the rocks at Collieston early on Tuesday morning, as also with Mrs Burgoyne, who has been left with a sixteen months-old son, and the attendance the seafaring class at the funeral was very large, a company of between 500 and 600 following the two hearses. (Andrew and William Henderson were sons of John Henderson, a Dyker who had moved to Aberdeen to work on the steam trawlers. John was brother to Andrew and Leslie Henderson.)


Mr James Miller, Shipbuilder, Anstruther, launched on Saturday a steam drifter to the order of Messrs Gardner, Cellardyke. The vessel was named the Maggies by the daughter of Skipper Philip Gardner, is 85ft in length, 18ft 6in in breadth and 8ft 6in in depth. The engines are to be fitted by Messrs John Cran and Co Leith. This is the second drifter Mr Miller has launched since September, and as showing the demand there is among fishermen for steam craft, he has orders on hand for another five of the same dimensions, at a cost of £2500 each.  The launch was success fully accomplished a little after two o’clock, and the vessel was afterwards moored in the inner harbour. The Maggies is of the same dimensions as the St Ayles . For Anstruther alone about a dozen new steam drifters are building or on order. The order for a drifter given by Mr Robert Melville, Cellardyke, has now been begun.

Maggies KY 138 on her sea trials

PORTGORDON— LAUNCH. —On Tuesday Mr W. Geddes launched a new drifter, named the Morning Star, for Mr David Watson & Sons, Cellardyke. There was a large crowd at the launch, and the sea was heavy. The launch was, however, successfully accomplished, the christening ceremony being gracefully performed by Miss Watson, daughter of the skipper. She was presented with a gold watch by the builder. The vessel is 85 ft. keel, 18 ft. 6 in. beam, and 9 ft. beam, and she will be engined in Aberdeen.

Morning Star KY 128 possibly when she first arrived in Anstruther

CELLARDYKE. RETURN OF FISHWORKERS. —Yesterday morning the last batch of the fishworkers who have been employed at Yarmouth and Lowestoft came home. They have had but a poor season, as the great demand for fresh herring have dispensed with the need of their services to a great extent.


Kilrenny Town Council. -—Being a fishing community, the election Town Councillors for Kilrenny takes place in December. On Friday night nomination meeting was held under the chairmanship Provost Black. The following were nominated for the three vacancies: —George Black, baker; Robert Forsyth, teacher; James Fortune, draper; and Alex. Smith, jun., carter. The Provost indicated work done the Council during the past year in the better lighting of the town and the improvement in the sanitary conditions. He declined make any remarks on the water question except that the Council were prepared to defend their existing rights at Lochty to the very end. Questioned about the harbour at Cellardyke, the Provost said that if the fishermen gave the Council a guarantee that they would use the harbour even as a storage for their boats during the laying-up season and paid £2 each they would have booms put on the harbour mouth, but until they got revenue, they could not pay back any the loans they got from the fishermen and others. Two fishermen were appointed to wait on the fishermen and try and get twenty lay up their boats and pay for the season each, and report the Council.

Portgordon Launch– On Tuesday at 2.30 Mr Geddes set afloat successfully another drifter of similar dimensions, and also a counterpart of the former vessel in painting and decoration—black with brown underbody relieved by gold lines. This drifter, named the Ivy, is owned by Messrs James Smith, Wm. Gardner, and Thomas Murray, fishermen, Cellardyke. The christening ceremony was performed, before a goodly company, by Miss M. Smith, Cellardyke, who was made the recipient by the builder of a gold watch. The Ivy was taken to Portgordon harbour to await towing to Aberdeen, where she will have her engines installed by Messrs Clyne, Mitchell & Co. (Actually named Heidra which means Ivy  KY 276)

Yesterday afternoon the two new drifters Laurel Bank and Ivy left for Dundee and Aberdeen in tow of the drifters Gowan and Daisy. They are away to be engined. Only half a mile separated both the pairs of vessels at sea.

Portgordon Fishing Boat Owner Sued –  Yesterday at Edinburgh Lord Salvesen closed the record and ordered proof in two actions by Peter Lindoe, Haugesund, Norway, owner of the screw steamer Adria, against W. Geddes, 13 East High Street, Portgordon, of the boat Strathlene, and W. Reid, Cellardyke, owner of the boat Elsie Reid. Each defender is sued for £65. The pursuer’s vessel was leaving Peterhead Harbour at 2 p.m. on 26th June last when despite whistling she was run into by defenders’ boats and sustained damage on the port bow. The defenders deny that the Adria’s whistle was blown, and say that no notice was given to them, by signal or otherwise, that the harbour entrance was blocked. Owing to the configuration of the harbour of Peterhead, it is impossible for anyone approaching from the eastward to see the entrance till they are close to it, and the entrance is very narrow. The fault, it is therefore maintained, was on the part of those in charge of the Adria.


Anstruther Town Council …There was the steam drifter question, and in Anstruther that class of boat was getting supplied with water and were wasting it, while the inhabitants here had not enough to drink. There should be some regulation about the drifters getting water. He understood that most of them did not belong to the place at all. Mr Garvie asked if he understood Mr Birrell to mean that as the great bulk of the fishermen belonged to Cellardyke and paid no rates to the Joint Water area, he was in favour of Anstruther Harbour being supplied from Cellardyke. Mr Birrell said he meant that they should not get water when the people were needing it. He fully supported Provost Porter’s contention on that point. Mr T. P. J. Nicolson did not think that Pittenweem had any right to supply Anstruther Harbour at all, and considered that the Cellardyke people should get their water from Kilrenny. The Joint Water Committee should take into serious consideration the necessity of cutting off the supply from the harbour altogether.

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