The Cellardyke Echo – 15/12/2022 – Issue 369


CELLARDYKE, FEDERATION OF BRITISH FISHERMEN – A meeting of fishermen was held in the Town Hall, Cellardyke, on Wednesday evening for the purpose of considering the advisability of forming a branch of this Federation. Mr John Carstairs was called to the chair, and after a few remarks called on Mr Reuben Manton, organising secretary, Great Grimsby, to address the meeting. He alluded to the great necessity there was for co-operation and union among fishermen, and asked all present to form a branch, so that along with their brethren in other parts they might take united action in any movement. It was resolved to form a branch, the subscription being one penny per week with one shilling of entry money. A committee was appointed to get many as possible to join the branch in the town.

Last Friday, while a horse yoked into a bread van was standing in West Forth Street, Cellardyke, it took fright at something and bolted at a great rate. On turning into East Green Street from Caddie’s Burn the van struck the wall at Mr Keith’s fishcuring shed with some violence, and was smashed. The horse was afterwards caught.


Intelligence was received this week of the death of John Watson a fisherman belonging to Cellardyke. Three weeks ago, deceased left Cellardyke to take a voyage to America, in the hope that it would cure his deafness, from which he had suffered for many years. He joined the ship Buenos Ayrean, and last Friday s while engaged working, he fell down the hold. The injuries he received were so serious that he succumbed in the course of the day. His body was buried at sea last Saturday. Deceased was 51 years of age, and was of a very quiet and inoffensive disposition. He was of great service in Cellardyke in being always ready to take the place of any fisherman who happened to be unwell.

Boys’ Brigade.—Under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A., a company of this Brigade has been formed in Cellardyke. Fully ninety boys are enrolled. The services of Mr John Trainer have been secured as drill instructor, and many able coadjutors are gathering around him.


BURGH COURT.—At the bar of East Anstruther Court on Friday—all the Magistrates on the bench —Thomas Anderson, fisherman, Cellardyke, was charged with striking P.C. Wright on the preceding Saturday night. He pled guilty, and after a few remarks by the Fiscal, and a pointed warning by Provost Anderson, accused was fined 10s 6d. Mrs Murray (Blyth), Cellardyke, was charged with assaulting her sister, Mrs Graham (Blyth), in the house of the latter, by catching her by the hair of the head and dragging her across the room and passage. Mrs Murray pled not guilty, and evidence was led. Mrs Graham detailed the circumstances of the assault, and added that a handful of hair which was pulled out had unfortunately been left at home. James, a son of Mrs Graham’s, corroborated, and P.C. Wright deponed to seeing the hair which had been hauled out; but Mrs James Wallace, a neighbour, who was also examined, had seen nothing although she heard a noise. The charge was held as proven. Accused finally admitted her guilt, and was fined 7s 6d. Both fines were paid.

CELLARDYKE. CONCERT. —On Saturday night a successful concert, in connection with the Mutual Improvement Association, was given in Forth Street Hall. A number of part songs were rendered by a choir under the leadership of Mr Bruce, and several soloists, by their efforts, added greatly to the enjoyment of the evening. Recitative pieces were also given.


Entertainment to the Old Folks – On Wednesday evening, the auld folks in Cellardyke Parish Church were entertained by the Bible Class to a social meeting in the Town Hall. Rev. Mr Ray presided over a large audience, and along with Mr James Smith gave a suitable address. Songs and recitations were given by a number of the members of the Bible Class. A most enjoyable evening was spent.


At a conference of Cellardyke fishermen this week Skipper John Carstairs was appointed a delegate to the East Coast Fishermen’s Conference to be held at Aberdeen on the 22nd inst. The delegate was instructed to vote for the close time of the herring fishing to extend from the end of April to the 10th of July. Skipper Gardener held it was high time the fishermen of Scotland were uniting to prevent everything being taken from them. It was once possible to get a living at their own doors, but now long voyages had to be made, and the trawlers were working Saturday and Sunday. The Fife fishermen wero being forced to compete with them on the Sunday or lose their situations. The old Scottish respect for the Sabbath, he added, was fast dying out. The delegate was instructed to bring up the subject at the conference, along with other questions.

On Sunday considerable stir was created at the harbour by the arrival of a Shields steam liner with flags flying. She came to Anstruther for the crew, who belong to Cellardyke, and whose captain is Skipper David Parker, to take their gear on board. During her stay in the harbour her appearance was contrasted with the other local vessels, and a good number of people were shown over her. She sailed on Tuesday for Shields, but in turning in the new harbour she sustained alight damage to her stem by striking the pier. (This was the Bernicia SN 199 launched in Leith earlier in the year, and was later lost with all her crew in 1900)

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